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15 Benefits Of Pomegranate Seed Oil For Skin, Hair, And Health

Benefits Of Pomegranate Seed Oil For Skin, Hair, And Health

Pomegranate the fruit itself is very useful and has many health benefits. Several beauty products include pomegranate contents in the oil form and juice form. Pomegranate fruit and its contents have many healing capacities and enhancing the beauty. Pomegranate fruit can be used in making home made balms and can be applied on the dry skin including crack in the lips. Pomegranate fruit has rich sources of vitamin A and vitamin C. Along with the vitamins and antioxidant capacities the fruit has some major health benefits which one must know.

Here’s A List Of 15 Benefits Of Pomegranate Oil

Remedy For Cancer

Pomegranate fruit has rich sources of anti-oxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron etc. This can be used in the oil form also to fight against all kinds of cancer like prostrate, breast, & lung cancer. Additionally, it can also be used for preventing cell damage in skin. Few drops of oil can be used every day with a glass of juice or water.


Healthy Heart

Since pomegranate has high amounts of anti-oxidants. Few drops of oil can be added in the water or juice used daily for fighting against bad cholesterol and improving the blood circulation keeping the heart very healthy.

Heart health

Strong Immune System

Vitamin C content sources are found in pomegranate in high amount. It is very essential for the body to maintain a strong immune system. Every day consuming pomegranate oil with warm water or juice can help build a strong immune system providing 15% of vitamin C daily in your body.

Immune System

Balance Of Elasticity In The Skin

Pomegranate oil has been proved to be very beneficial for the skin and it has been widely used in the cosmetic industry worldwide due to its useful contents. The vitamin C contents in pomegranate produce collagen which is helps in maintaining elasticity and its anti-oxidant properties regenerate the skin. Pomegranate oil can be used in two forms, the oil can be applied on the skin & few drops of oil can also be consumed daily by adding in water or juice.

Elasticity In The Skin

Increases Bone Density

Pomegranate oil can be taken daily in the morning with juice or water which is very helpful in preventing bone diseases. Pomegranate extracts with rich source of vitamins has been found to be very helpful in increasing bone density which is likely to get low with age. Expecting mothers can also use pomegranate oil as it has been found to be very useful.

 Bone Density

Clean Arteries

Sometimes the arteries get blocked due to many reasons like bad eating habits, thick blood formation, etc. Pomegranate oil has been found to be very helpful in clearing the arteries and removing the plague type build up. Few drop of oil can be used daily in water or juice which will help a lot.


High Blood Pressure

Chances of stroke can be reduced by daily consumption of pomegranate in form of oil or juice. The best method is to use the oil in cooking or by adding few drops in juice and daily consuming which reduces high blood pressure by 5%. Regular intake can reduce the chances of pressure up to 60%.

Regulates high blood pressure

Cleans Mouth & Shiner Teeth

Dental plaque can cause a lot of problems like bacterial infestations, tooth ache and problems of the roots. These can be easily removed by using pomegranate oil. The oil has been found to be very helpful for tooth ache. Little bit of oil can be taken in cotton and applied on the area of pain. Besides, this oil can also be used for gentle rubbing in the teeth which gives shine and cleans the mouth with the help of polyphenols, tannins & certain acid contents.

Whiten Your Teeth

Diarrhea Remedy

Pomegranate oil with its natural astringent properties can heal diarrhea.

Causes Diarrhea

Weight Management

Pomegranate if taken daily can help in weight management. Take 2 drops daily with warm water in empty stomach which will help a lot in losing extra pounds.


Free Radicals

Pomegranate oil can be daily applied over the skin which helps greatly in making the skin look youthful and free from radicals. Additionally, it protects the cell.

Free Radicals

Reduces Memory Loss

Pomegranate oil has been recommended by many doctors for those patients who have trouble remembering and for Alzheimer. Daily consumption of oil thrice a day with water or juice improves the brain activity and helps people recover from memory loss.


Supple Smooth Skin

For baby soft and supple skin use pomegranate oil. It enhances the fibro plats growth which helps in keeping skin intact with elasticity. It has also be found to helpful as it stimulates keratinocytes, which protects the outer layer of the skin by making it supple.


Cell Regeneration

Many beauty products like creams and oils have failed in the cell regeneration of the skin. And many people are not aware of that pomegranate oil is largely beneficial in cell regeneration. Many industries use the oil with other cosmetic contents but a lesser amount. Pomegranate oil protects the outer layer of the skin i.e. epidermis and regenerates the cell faster.

 Skin Cells

Acne Relief

Pomegranate contains natural astringent which helps in clearing the skin. It also has antibacterial properties which cleanses the infestation of the bacteria’s on the face, its re-occurrences. Thus, consuming few drops of oil daily with juice or water can help clear the stomach and digestive tract, making the production of oil less on face and making it look healthy.


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