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15 Benefits Of Shallots For Skin, Hair And Health

15 Benefits Of Shallots For Skin, Hair And Health

Being one of the most popular ingredient used by the chefs almost everywhere in the world, Shallot has several health benefits. Shallot basically belongs to the allium and onion family and is has very high nutrient value. Some of the most vital nutrients like calcium, vitamin C and vitamin B are present in this vegetable. Since it belongs to the onion family surely it tastes and smell like garlic and onion but mild. They are plenty of variety that can be found of shallot and have various health benefits especially for your hair. This product is widely used as a hair treatment ingredient.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Shallot:

1. Healthy Heart

One of the major benefits of shallot is that they are very good for our blood and helps to maintain a healthy heart. Shallot contains allicicn that prevents the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels which in a way reduces the risk of stroke and coronary and vascular diseases. Shallot tends to thin the blood and cure cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks.

Heart health

2. Immune System

Shallot if consumed on a regular basis can help you to get your immune system to a strong level. It strengthens your efficiency and prevent diseases like flu, cold, and other illness.

Strengthens Immune System

3. Healing Effect

Shallot is rich in anti-oxidants. Besides all the anti-oxidants it has shallot contains Sulphur antioxidants like allyl propyl disulfide and diallyl trisulfide. Other than that shallot also has the power to heal bacterial, viral as well as fungal infections.

Fungal infections (2)

4. Reduces Blood Pressure

Shallot contains allicin which releases vasodilator type chemicals like nitric oxide. This helps in lowering the blood pressure level and keeping it on the level. In a way this ingredient helps in decreasing the stiffness of the blood vessels.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

5. Nervous Irritability

Shallots contain some of the very important vitamins and minerals like thiamin, vitamin C, vitamin A and pyridoxine. This pyridoxine in shallot is needed to raise the GABA chemical levels in the brain in order to soothe the nerves and relief them from irritability.

nervous system

6. Prevents Cancer

As we have already noted that shallots are rich in vitamin A. this vitamin A is a very effective antioxidant which helps in the prevention of cavity and lung cancer. Other than that shallots also helps in the prevention of liver cancer and destroys its cells. They work in a way by eliminating toxins in the liver. The saponins contained in the shallots kills the cancer cells and helps to reduce the chances of stomach cancer.

Prevents Cancer

7.Reduces Risk Of Osteoporosis

On consuming shallots on a regular basis the growth power of the bone tissues is faster and reduces the risk of that osteoporosis might effect by about 20%.

Effective in osteoporosis

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8. Healthy Skin

Shallots also helps in making your skin look healthier and young. Shallots contains Sulphur which helps in making your skin younger and rejuvenated.

Fresher Skin

9. Healthy Stomach

Out of all the major benefits that shallots have, one of the reason to consume shallots is that it is advantageous for reduce stomach problems. Consuming shallots in the regular diet helps in preventing various infections in your stomach.

Good for Stomach

10. Healthy Hair

If you are looking for a home remedy for the growth of your hair. Shallot is what you need. Shallot is rich in Sulphur and helps in making of collagen tissues which is used in regrowth of your hair. All you have to do squeeze the juice out of shallots and apply them on your scalp for natural looking health hair growth.

Healthy Hair

11. Reduces Scalp Infection

Fungal infections tend to damage the hair also result in severe loss of hair. Shallots when squeezed, the juice can be applied on the scalp which works to open up the clogged pores in the scalp and removes all the infections present.

Scalp Infections

12. Removes Dandruff

Shallots can also be used to cure dandruff problems. All you have to do mix a little bit of shallots juice with lemon, honey and buttermilk and apply it on your hair for 30 minutes or so. After rinsing it with mild anti dandruff shampoo you get rid of dandruff naturally.

Eliminating Dandruff

13.Healthy Tooth

Shallots have anti-bacterial effects. On chewing shallots for two to three minutes daily you can get rid of the bacteria in your teeth.

Strengthens Teeth

14. Healthy Eye

Shallots contain cysteine and sulfur and can be used as eye drops for good healthy eyes.

Eye Care

15. Relief From Headache

If you are suffering from headaches all you have to do is make a poultice of shallot and apply it on to your head to get instant relief.


Shallots is very good for overall health. Other than it is tastes good and adds a lot of flavor to your dish. Go ahead avail the goodness of taste and nutrients.

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