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15 Benefits Of Using Sandalwood Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

Benefits Of Using Sandalwood Oil

We all know about the wonderful fragrance of Sandalwood. This is a special kind of aromatic wood that is obtained from the Santalum tree. Not only it has a great aroma but also provides medicinal properties. Sandalwood oil has a very calming and harmonizing impact on the body that makes it very significant in spiritual, religious purposes and rituals. In this article we will know about fifteen benefits of sandalwood oil for skin, hair and health.

Here Are The 15 Benefits Of Using Sandalwood Oil For Skin, Hair And Health:

Radiant, Clear And Healthy Skin :

Sandalwood oil possesses effective cleansing properties. If you have scars, marks, spots on the skin the start applying this oil on the skin. In a few days of its application you would get a blemish free, glowing and healthy skin.

Moisturizes And Rejuvenates The Skin

Tones Your Skin:

Sandalwood is a great toner die to its marvellous astringent properties. This oil helps in toning the skin and rejuvenates it.

Improves The Skin Texture

Heals Dryness Of The Skin:

Sandalwood oil is also very good for people with dry skin. This oil helps in bringing back the lost moisture, glow and charm of the skin.

Heals Dryness Of The Skin

Aging Of The Skin:

As compared to other costly anti-ageing creams and lotions, sandalwood oil is an inexpensive product that gives you long-lasting results. It helps in lightening fine lines, stretch marks and scars on the skin.

Aging Of The Skin

Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

Anti-inflammatory properties of sandalwood oil have a remarkable soothing effect on the skin that saves one from acute internal inflammations. This oil is great in relieving one from the soreness of circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system and excretory system.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Reduces Spasms:

Sandalwood oil is best known for its antispasmodic properties. This essential oil is found to be effective in dealing with coughs, cramps, throbbing etc. caused due to severe muscle contractions.

Reduces Spasms

Relaxes Muscles:

Sandalwood oil acts as a natural sedative and muscle relaxant. This oil relaxes your muscular fibers, nerve tissues and blood vessels effectively and makes them absolutely relaxed.

Relaxes Muscles

Keeps Germs Away:

Sandalwood essential oil has remarkable disinfectant property. The wonderful aroma of this oil has been effective in driving away different types of pests and microbes. Mix some drops of this essential oil with your favorite body oil, body lotion or bathing water to keep your skin infection free.

Keeps Germs Away

Antiseptic Agent:

Being natural antimicrobial agent, sandalwood oil is also widely used as a powerful antiseptic agent. Topically application of this oil on the affected area helps in prevention of injuries, boils, lesions, blemishes etc. easily. You can even add a few drops of this oil in the milk and consume it to prevent formation of ulcer and infections in throat, digestive tracts, gullet and renal tracts.

Antiseptic Agent

Eases The Process Of Urination:

Sandalwood oil acts as a natural diuretic agent that keeps the renal tract healthy. This oil helps in reducing the soreness of the excretory system and gives a nice cooling effect to it. The flow of urine become easy and the frequency and amount of urination is also increased.

Eases The Process Of Urination

Controls Blood Pressure Levels:

For those who have been suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension then sandalwood oil acts as a valuable remedy. This oil has high amounts of hypotensive components that regulates the blood pressure in an efficient manner and minimises the chances of hypertension.

Ideal For The Patient Of High Blood Pressure

Body Odour:

Sandalwood oil is extensively used in the preparation of perfumes, deodorants, soaps etc. regular use of these products helps in eradicating the stinking body smell instantly.

Body Odour

Good For Children:

Not every essential oil is safe and effective for the children. Sandalwood essential oil has got excellent soothing properties on the internal organ of the body. This oil is safe and gently for children and keeps the entire body system of your child healthy and infection free.

Good For Children

Keeps Away Stress And Anxiety:

Sandalwood is sedative in nature that calms your nervous system. Use of this oil internally or externally helps you get rid of tension, worries, fear, confusion, agitation, etc. This oil relaxes your nerves and improves vision, focus and positive notions.

Keeps Away Stress And Anxiety

Healing Nature:

The impact of sandalwood oil is multiplied manifolds when combined with other essential oils such as lavender, rose, rosemary, geranium, myrrh and tulip essential oils. Increased curative values of the oil positively impact the body and heal it effectively.

Healing Nature

Heals Skin Infections And Itching:

Sandalwood oil is very significant in healing a wide range of skin infections naturally. Topical application of this oil on a regular basis helps in giving relief from skin itching and gives a wonderful soothing effect to the skin. This solution is also used as an ultimate reduction of eczema.

Can Reduce Skin Problems

Hope you have liked this article. Sandalwood oil is much more than its ornamental values. Use it regularly for a healthy, beautiful and illness free body.

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