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15 Benefits Of Water Chestnut For The Body, Hair And Skin


Benefits Of Water Chestnut For The Body, Hair And Skin

Water chestnut is an aquatic vegetable that grows in water bodies like ponds, lakes, and marshes. The fruit of the plant grows inside the water and the upper layer of leaves float on the surface. Water chestnut is the edible seed of the fruit and has a crunchy flavor and is slightly sweet to taste. It is a storehouse of nutrition, is low in fat, and can be cooked or even eaten raw as in salads.

Here Are 15 Benefits Of Water Chestnut For The Body, Hair And Skin

Low In Fat

The consumption of water chestnut does not add extra calories to the body and is extremely low in fat content. A cup of water chestnut contains only 60 calories and do not add any extra fat to the body.



This fruit has cooling properties that can keep the body and stomach cool in summers. It helps in quenching thirst and prevents dryness in the body.


Stomach Problems

Water chestnut can stop loose motions and give relief from diarrhea. A weak spleen, and it symptoms like tiredness, bad taste and appetite and even cancers can be treated with the intake of water chestnut. Its regular consumption can strengthen the digestive system, increase appetite in kids and adults, treat nausea and indigestion.

Stomach Problems

Bronchial Problems

Bronchial problems like a cough, cold and sore throat. This fruit can be powdered and taken with a glass of water that provides relief from respiratory problems like a cough and cold. It helps in reducing inflammation in the body and lessens the swelling in the bronchial tubes.

Reduces Bronchitis


This fruit works well for a body detox and effectively removes toxins from the body. Due to its toxin eliminating abilities, this fruit can help in treating jaundice by clearing the liver of the toxic accumulation.



Water chestnut contains vitamin B6, riboflavin, and thiamin which maintains immunity, brain and nerve functions and controls the metabolic functions in the body.


Nutrients And Minerals

The copper content in water chestnut is useful to the body for red blood production and the manganese controls the cholesterol, metabolism, and maintains bone health. The potassium in this fruit helps in maintaining proper heart, nerve, and muscle health functions, and these minerals work together in sync to keep the body healthy.


Blood Purifier

The intake of water chestnuts can purify the blood and remove all its impurities, clear the skin, and treat anemia and diseases like leprosy and measles. It can also be eaten to treat phlegm.



Diseases like measles can be treated with water chestnut. It should be administered from the 4th day to the 9th day to lessen the symptoms associated with this infection and speed the recovery.



The flavonoids and antioxidants in this vegetable help in fighting diseases and germs and make water chestnuts antiviral, antibacterial, and an anti-cancer fighting food.



The porridge of dried seed powder of water chestnuts can be given to women after pregnancy to treat hemorrhage and bleeding problems. It helps in controlling excessive bleeding and is also administered in case of miscarriage.



Water chestnuts  can be given to pregnant women for better fetal growth and for treating hypertension problems. And it also provides the body with various nutrients that keep the baby and mom healthy and also treat problems like anemia that are likely to affect women during pregnancy.


Skin Problems And Cracked Heels

Skin problems like eczema can be treated by applying water chestnut and lemon juice mixture to the affected areas. It helps in purifying the blood and removing toxins and makes the skin radiant and glowing. A paste made out of water chestnut can be applied and left on cracked heels to help them recover and become soft and supple.

Treats Skin Problems


Water chestnuts can be dried and powdered to be used as a dough for bread and chappati as it is gluten free and can be eaten by people suffering from gluten intolerance.


Hair Care

The rich mineral and vitamin content in water chestnut helps in strengthening the hair roots and eliminates toxins that damage the hair and makes them shiny and healthy.

hair care


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