15 Best Uses Of Cedarwood Essential Oil


Uses Of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Oil derived from the Cedar wood has a woody, spicy scent and has popularly found its way into uses ranging from meditative aromatherapy to addressing skin and hair problems and even improving respiratory health. The oil is strongly invigorating and a known nerve stimulator. It carries the benefits of being antispasmodic, anti inflammatory and sedative. In addition, it has strong antibiotic properties.

Here Are 15 Best Ways You Can Use Cedarwood Essential Oil:

1. For Arthritis & Rheumatism:

Cedarwood oil helps relieve joint pain and improves movement in arthritis and rheumatism. For this it should be combined with a suitable carrier oil like coconut or olive oil and massaged over affected areas. [1]


2. Reduces Seborrhoeic Eczema:

Cedarwood essential oil can help provide relief in Seborrhoeic eczema- a skin condition where high oil secretion occurs with high rate of skin cell growth causing itchy red eruptions, scaling and crusting. On skin, Cedarwood oil should be applied along with oregano, tea tree, juniper, sage, geranium and rosemary oils. On scalp, it should be used along with jojoba, pine, rosemary and tree tea oil. [2]


3. Relieves Muscle Spasms:

If you have sore and tight muscles or are experiencing spasms on leg, abdomen, arms, back or chest muscle, massage essential oil of Cedarwood to ease the soreness. A teaspoon of any suitable carrier oil like coconut oil can be diluted with several drops of the Cedarwood oil and used on affected spots. [3]

Muscle Spasms

4. Improves Your Skin Texture:

Tone your skin by adding Cedarwood oil to your favorite body lotion and massaging gently. Being antiseptic, the oil reduces inflammation or infection and evens out the skin tone when used regularly. You can add the oil to masks and oil blends for skin care. [4]

Skin Texture

5. Improves Your Hair Quality:

Not only does Cedarwood essential oil stimulate hair follicles promoting hair growth it can control excess oiliness and drastically reduce dandruff. Massage Cedarwood oil mixed with Rosemary, Olive and Cypress oils on scalp once weekly. [5]

Hair Quality

6. Reduces Acne:

Cedarwood oil is an excellent astringent that works to remove excess oil from acne prone skin and reduce infection. Add 3-5 drops of cedarwood oil to equal quantities of geranium, rosemary, and optionally, rose, olive and cranberry seed oils. Apply this mixture evenly over acne-affected areas. [6]


7. Alleviates Congestion:

Cedarwood oil is a natural expectorant. It works to eases difficulty in breathing by opening up the sinuses and thinning out mucus, and so can be used for congestion, colds, bronchitis etc. Combine it with lavender, olive or sweet almond oils and massage over the chest for good results. [7]

Alleviates Congestion

8. Relieves Anxiety:

Cedarwood essential oil relieves anxiety and helps improve mental calmness and clarity. Blend 5-6 drops of Cedarwood oil with 2 drops of lemon and geranium oils each and add to one portion almond oil. Pour this mixture into your bath or massage on neck and shoulder areas. [8]


9. Keeps Insects Away:

Cedarwood oil, a strong astringent, cleans the air and can keep moths and mites away from clothes. Simply spray several drops of the oil diluted with water over clothes or in corners and dark sections of your home.Alternately, add it to an aromatherapy lamp for effective bug control. [9]


10. Helps Improve Bladder Control:

Cedarwood essential oil can be used in a massage oil blend for improving kidney function in elderly men. Add 2 drops of the cedarwood oil with 4 drops of St. John’s Wort oil, 1-3 drops each of valerian and sandalwood oils and add to any suitable carrier oil. Rub this over the pelvic area twice daily. [10]


11. Helps Reduce Cystitis:

Cystitis or lower urinary tract infection is a bacteria caused the condition. Use cedarwood oil to reduce cystitis by rubbing it over the lower abdominal area in combination with parsley and sandalwood oils. Or, you can simply add a few drops to a warm bath. [11]

urinary tract infection

12. A Wound Healer:

Due to its strongly antiseptic properties, Cedarwood oil can be used on external wounds and can drastically reduce infection thus helping to prevent sepsis. It astringent property acts to clean out open wounds and prevent germ build up. [12]


13. Helps Regulate Menstruation:

Cedarwood oil has a beneficial effect on women undergoing menopause, controlling hot flashes and other symptoms. It can be mixed and used with oils including carrot seed, peppermint, jasmine, vetiver and sweet marjoram to regulate menstruation. [13]


14. Adds Scent To Soaps, Air Fresheners & Aftershaves:

Cedarwood essential oil is widely used as an ingredient in many soaps, air fresheners and men’s perfumes. You can add cedarwood oil to homemade aftershaves for a spicy wood fragrance. [14]


15. A Herbal Cleaner:

Cedarwood oil’s antiseptic properties, in combination with its sweet woody scent make it an excellent constituent of floor and sanitary cleaning liquids, which is why its being used as a prime component of many manufactured and home-made floor cleaners. [15]

Herbal Cleaner


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