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15 Easy Ways To Prevent Colon Cancer

Prevent Colon Cancer

Cancer of intestine or colon is a common problem with a large number of people all over the world being affected by it. The cancer affects both men and women. Cancer can be treated if it is detected in early stages. Every person should get a colonoscopy test done at the age of fifty. It is possible to prevent colon cancer by taking some simple steps. Preventing the cancer will help in reducing the chances of the diseases from occurring in the first place. We will give some tips for preventing this cancer. Following are the 15 easy ways to prevent colon cancer.

15 Easy Ways To Prevent Colon Cancer:

Regular Testing

Regular testing is necessary for detecting the cancer before it becomes serious. It makes you aware if you suffer from colon cancer. Timely detection of cancerous growth makes it easy to cure it. You can then take steps to treat it. Get the screening test done according to your doctor’s instructions and advice.

Consult your doctor

Green Tea

Research has shown that drinking green tea can help in preventing colon cancer. The tea contains nutrients and antioxidants that have anti-cancerous properties. The daily intake of green tea should be two cups. Prepare the tea by steeping it in boiling water.

Green tea


It has been found that eating corn helps in preventing colon cancer. Its fiber contains a nutrient with anti-cancerous properties. It stops cancer cells from growing. Mix the corn with butter and then eat it. It increases the cancer fighting property of corn. You can eat fresh or canned corn.

Corn Silk

Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain many nutrients and they help in preventing colon cancer. Instead of eating fast foods containing sugar and fat, go for balanced diet consisting of healthy and nutritious foods. Choose fibrous fruits and vegetables. It will clean the colon and prevent constipation.

Fresh Vegetables And Fruits

Cow’s Milk

Drinking cow’s milk has been found to be effective in preventing colon cancer. Milk contains calcium, which helps in reducing cancer risk. Therefore, start drinking milk. You should take it regularly.



Garlic has anti-cancerous nutrients and compounds in it. It has been found that eating garlic can prevent common cancer. Add garlic to foods you cook. Make vegetables and non-veg dishes with garlic. Add it to stews. Cook garlic ten minutes after cutting it. It helps in releasing its disease fighting nutrients.



Studies have shown that berries contain some nutrients that stop cancer from developing. Antioxidants, anthocyanins and polyphenolics are the main nutrients that help in this function. Eating black raspberries is very good for preventing colon cancer.


Avoid Salt

High intake of salt is the main reason of many types of cancer. Salt is an important ingredient of food but we need very little amount of it. Eating high salt and preserved foods is not good for you. You can prevent colon cancer by reducing the salt intake. Avoid packaged foods that contain high salt.


Take Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that can protect you from colon cancer. Sunlight is the best and natural source of this vitamin. Sit in the sun for some time. You can also get Vitamin D through supplements and tablets. The daily dose of Vitamin D for people who are up to seventy years of age is 600 IU while 800 IU are needed above this age.

Vitamin D

Avoid Red Meat   

Red meat is very harmful for the colon and it can cause cancer. You can prevent colon cancer by avoiding red meat. There is a great risk of cancer on eating processed and cured meat. Avoid charred meat. Eating lean meat is a better option for preventing cancer.

Red Meat

Avoid Abdominal Obesity

People who have more fat in the abdomen region are at a risk of colon cancer. Abdominal obesity can cause growth of precancerous colon cells. It increases the risk of other diseases also. Therefore, it is better to control obesity and prevent fat from depositing near the abdomen.

Controls Obesity

Regular Exercise

Exercise is the best remedy for all health problems including colon cancer. Sedentary and inactive lifestyle increases the risk of cancer. Increase your physical activities and move the body as much as possible. Do walking, cycling, swimming, yoga and stair climbing.  Do regular half an hour of exercise daily.


Avoid Radiation

Radiation exposure increases the risk of colon cancer. You can prevent this cancer by avoiding radiation. Common sources of radiation are electronic gadgets, X-ray, CT scan and travelling in a flight. Protect yourself from radiation.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is the major cause of colon cancer. Consumption of alcohol decreases folic acid levels in the body and this increases the risk of cancer. Therefore, if you want to prevent colon cancer, you need to quit alcohol completely. Even moderate intake of alcohol is dangerous.


Quit Smoking

Just like alcohol, smoking is another bad habit that can cause colon cancer. Smoking causes damage to body organs including the intestine. Quitting the habit of smoking will help in preventing colon cancer. Seek medical help to quit the habit if you find it difficult to leave the addiction.


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