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15 Effective Benefits Of Dandelion Tea For Weight Loss

Dandelion Tea For Weight Loss

Dandelion is a weed that has many medicinal properties. The dandelion tea is gaining popularity these days because of its long list of benefits. Two types of beverages can be made using this weed one can be made by infusing its leaves and the other can be made by infusing its roots. The drink made by infusing leaves has many applications in treating kidney related problems. The dandelion tea helps in alleviating symptoms of liver dysfunction and diabetes. It also helps in improving the digestive process in human beings. Recent studies have shown that the use of dandelion tea helps in weight loss.

Some Of The Effective Benefits Of Dandelion Tea In Weight Loss Are Mentioned Below:

Fat Reduction:

Regular consumption of dandelion tea helps in burning the fat. This beverage is free of caffeine therefore doesn’t add any calories to your diet.


Boost Metabolism:

The dandelion tea contains epigallocatechin gallate a substance that can boost metabolism and make you feel active throughout the day.

Improved Metabolism

Helps Mobilize Fat From Fat Cells:

In order to burn fat it must be first broken down and moved into the blood stream. Consumption of this beverage helps easy breakdown of fat therefore the broken fat in the blood stream produces more energy.

Fat Cells

Helps In Burning More Calories:

The energy that is released due to the breakdown of fat improves your stamina and you can do more exercise and lose weight at a faster rate.

burn calories

Allows Low Calorie Intake:

The dandelion tea will make you feel so full that you will automatically consume less calories thereby helping you to eat less and add less calories to your account.

green tea

Helps In Burning Abdominal Fat:

By regular intake of the dandelion tea one can lose the harmful visceral fat that usually builds up neat the abdomen. The accumulation of visceral fat can increase the risk of heart diseases. Drinking this beverage will not only help you lose weight but also keeps you away from several heart diseases.

belly fat


Apart from clearing the fat content in the body the tea can help in detoxifying the body and improves your skin tone.


Helps In Losing Water Weight:

Dandelion tea is often considered as a diuretic. It increases the frequency of urination and helps you get rid of water retention. Water retention adds weight to your body therefore the tea helps in losing water weight.

Helps In Losing Water Weight

Increases Endurance:

Dandelion tea has this wonderful affect of increasing endurance. This effect has been proved among animals and research is being done to extend the same for human beings.

Increases Endurance

Improves Digestion:

Regular intake of this tea can help the liver to secrete bile juice in required amounts so that the food is broken down properly and proper amount of energy is released.

Aids Digestion

Reduces Cholesterol:

Dandelion tea has phyto-chemicals as main components which help in reducing the bad cholesterol and keeping you away from the risks caused by increased bad cholesterol.

Lowers Cholesterol

Increases The Amount Of Potassium:

This tea being a diuretic increases the amount of potassium in the body. The amount of potassium in the body controls many factors such as heart beat, nerve actions, and the kidneys purifying blood. Therefore having potassium content in the body is essential.


Improves Lipid Profile:

The intake of this beverage prevents accumulation of fat under the skin thereby improving the lipid profile in the body.

Improves Lipid Profile

Improves Mental Health:

Apart from having physical benefits, this beverage also has the potential to increase mental focus and concentration.

Cures Mental Problem

Improves Immunity:

This tea also has the quality of boosting up immunity and combat cancer.

Improve Stamina And Immunity

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