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15 Great Benefits Of Camphor

15 Great Benefits Of Camphor

Have you ever wondered where that white waxy, evaporating substance with an extremely strong odor, which we call camphor, comes from. Originally extracted from a tree, it is now synthetically manufactured also. Camphor is sublime in nature because of which it can be put to a wide variety of applications. From ailments to day to day uses, camphor is also said to be used in manufacturing explosives.

Although Poisonous If Taken In Large Amounts, Its Various Uses Are

1. For Itching And Rash

For skin problems like rash and itching, edible camphor mixed with water can be used to wash the affected area. All the skin irritation subsides after a while.

For Itching And Rash

2. Baby Oil Massage

Camphor is also used in very mild amounts in baby oil for a soothing effect.

Baby Oil Massage

3. Acne And Pimple Marks

Apply camphor oil mixed with your regular oil to the areas having acne or acne marks. Pimples and marks are reduced gradually.

Acne And Pimple Marks

4. Burn Scars

Even burn scars(though not very fresh) are also treated with camphor.

Burn Scars

5. Disinfectant

Can be added in bathing water to provide calmness to the senses and work on the body as a disinfectant.
Never use camphor on open scars and wounds, it could be quite dangerous.


6. Repellent

Insects do not like the smell of camphor as it is toxic for them. Camphor is used for making mothballs. This is used to keep in closets and trunks with clothes and winter wear to protect against moths and insects. Camphor mixed with water and sprayed around the house keeps ants at bay. If we keep camphor in tool boxes, they can be protected against rusting. Camphor oil is added to water mostly in the rains to kill the germs in water.


7. Reduces Inflammation And Pain

Camphor is present in various inflammation suppressants to provide relief from joint pain and sprains.

Reduces Inflammation And Pain

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8. Relieves Congestion

Also found in vapor rub inhalers to provide relief from cold and chest congestion. Mix mustard oil or coconut oil with synthetic camphor and heat it till it starts evaporating. Apply it to the child’s chest and massage(should be warm not hot)e to bring relief against congestion and help in easy breathing.

Relieves Congestion

9. Stomach And Metabolism

Camphor is also used to treat acidity, lethargy and dullness, metabolism and blood circulation.

Stomach And Metabolism

10. Hair Growth

Apply camphor oil mixed with the everyday hair oil on the scalp. This generates hair growth.

Hair Growth

11. Dandruff And Lice

Mix camphor with the hair oil and apply.This helps in curing the problem of dandruff and lice. Apply this oil just sometime before washing off as the smell of camphor is very overwhelming.

Dandruff And Lice

12. Sweets

Edible camphor has been used over time in Arabian, European and Asian cuisines. It is used in South India for favoring especially in sweets. It has to be added in very less quantity else it can overpower the dish.


13. Cracked Heels

If you suffer from cracked heels, dip your feet in a solution of water and camphor and soak for a while, Scrub the feet well after some time to remove the roughness. This should be followed religiously to get good results.

Cracked Heels

14. For Pregnant Women

Camphor has pain relieving and inflammation reducing properties. Cramps are often witnessed by women in the last trimester of pregnancy. Synthetic camphor is heated in coconut or mustard oil till it melts. This preparation is used to massage pregnant women’s feet to relieve cramps and provide comfort.

For Pregnant Women

15. In Religious Practices

Camphor is used in Hindu ceremonies in India. Camphor is burned before the idols of gods and goddesses as a part of the ritual to worship them.

Religious Practices

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