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15 Great Health Benefits Of Green Bananas

Health Benefits Of Green Bananas

Unlike the yellow bananas that are eaten raw as a fruit, the green varieties are cooked before eating. They can be steamed, boiled or fried before consumption. Green bananas are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and also contains a unique starch called the resistant starch. It is a different kind of starch as it behaves like insoluble fibers and passes through the colon without being broken down or digested and protects the gut from various infections and diseases.

The Health Benefits And Uses Of Green Bananas Are:

Weight Loss

To lose weight, add green bananas to your diet! Green bananas contain resistant starch that keeps the stomach satiated and full. It reduces the calorie consumption and hence, helps in reducing weight. The resistant starch works wonders for weight loss as it blocks the consumption of carbohydrates by the body. When carbs are not available for consumption, the body uses fat as its fuel for energy purposes in the body and hence helps in losing weight.

Faulty weight loss programs

Sugar Control

The resistant starch in bananas increases the insulin sensitivity of the body and keeps the blood sugar levels under control. The vitamin B6 further aids in controlling glucose and hence patients suffering from diabetes should consume bananas in moderation as it keeps the type 2 diabetes under control.

blood sugar level


The fiber and starch in bananas aid in better digestion and controls the onset of stomach problems. It converts the starch into energy and thereby channelizes the process in the digestive tracts and also prevents bacterial infections in the gut. Unripe bananas should be avoided in excess bloating as it will aggravate the problem.

Aids Digestion

Colon Cancer

The resistant starch of green bananas is fermented in the colon by the friendly bacteria to convert into energy. This process wards off the harmful germs and infection-causing bacteria in the colon and increases the healthy bacteria. Chronic diseases like colon cancers can be prevented using this mechanism of the starch in green bananas.

Prevent Colon Cancer

Nutrient Absorption

The consumption of green bananas increases the ability of the body to absorb minerals especially calcium. The fermentation of resistant starch produces short chain fatty acids that vitalize the body and makes it more adept for absorbing minerals.

Nutrient Absorption

Lowers Cholesterol

The resistant starch and fibers in green bananas help in reducing the bad cholesterol and triglycerides from the blood, and keeps them under permissible limits.

Lowers Cholesterol

Heart Healthy

Eating green bananas keeps the heart healthy and strong. Green bananas contain fibers, potassium, and resistant starch that keep the cholesterol in control and prevents blockages and clots in the arteries and strengthens the capillaries in the heart and helps in its healthy functioning.

Heart health

Blood Pressure

The potassium present in unripe bananas can lower the blood pressure and keep the level under control. Consume unripe bananas that are cooked, for controlling high blood pressure.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

High Fiber Content

The high fiber content in unripe bananas are vital to digestion, heart health, helps in reducing weight by keeping the stomach satiated and also protects the colon from deadly diseases, while controlling the blood glucose levels of the body.

High Fiber Content

Hemoglobin Level

Green bananas contain vitamin B-6 that maintains good hemoglobin in the body. It increases the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen to all parts of the body and good hemoglobin is necessary for vital functions of the body.

Increase In Production Hemoglobin


The resistant starch in green bananas help in converting fat to energy that increases the metabolism of the body. Also, the nutrients especially vitamin B6 increases the blood levels and is responsible for enzyme breakdown in the body which further aids in strengthening the metabolism.

Improved Metabolism


Certain compounds found in green bananas can uplift the mood and reduce stress and anxiety levels in people.



Raw bananas help in maintaining electrolyte balance in the body and are great for the healthy functioning of the kidneys. They protect the kidney from various diseases including kidney cancers.

Kidney disease


The intake of green bananas can give a boost to the cognitive health of the body. It contains compounds and minerals that give a boost to the nerve health and maintain water balance in the brain cells.



The unripe bananas contain certain enzymes that help in controlling diarrhea and other stomach infections like shigellosis. They can be consumed after the onset of the problem to treat diarrhea.

Causes Diarrhea

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