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15 Health Benefits Of Blood Orange

Health Benefits Of Blood Orange

Blood oranges are nothing but oranges which are blood red in colour. They have a typical vermillion to red colour which is due to presence of certain colour pigments. These colour imparting pigments are of the phytocyanin class and are named ‘Anthocyanin’. Blood oranges are excellent source of Vitamin C, folic acid and anthocyanins and bbecause of which they have a number of health benefits. Now these blood oranges are different in colour and constitution due to some hybrid and genetic differences. There are three major types of blood oranges which are easily available in market; these are Moro (most colourful and bright amongst all), Sanguinello (reddish skin with presence of fewer seeds and a nice sweet taste) and Tarocco (the sweetest of all and has the best flavour). It will not be an overstated sentence if you say that blood oranges are magic fruits which are literally the powerhouse of nutrients.

Let us have a look at the various health benefits that these blood oranges can give you. This will also justify that why you must pick them up definitely when you go for grocery shopping next time.

Following Are The Different Benefits On Health Given By Blood Oranges:


Scurvy is a condition occurring due to vitamin C deficiency and it ultimately results in bleeding gums and other gum related conditions. Bloody oranges being a rich source of vitamin C help in treating scurvy. It is said that just eating one full bloody orange can fulfil your dietary requirement of vitamin C.


Antioxidant Benefit

Antioxidants are required by the body to remove free radicals which cause damage to blood vessels and organs as they are highly reactive. Bloody oranges being excellent sources of vitamin C and antioxidants help in removing free radicals. Doing this also helps in cancer treatment and might prove to be a protectant against carcinogens.

Makes Your Bones Strong

Blood oranges are rich in calcium. Calcium is required by the bones and it makes them strong and healthy. Calcium also helps in repairing the bone wear and tear. Thus eating bloody oranges provide calcium and fulfil the body’s calcium need. It specially helps the post-menopausal and/or osteoporotic women.

Boost Bone Health

Beneficial In Pregnant Women

Bloody oranges support the formation of RBCs. This reduces chances of birth and blood defects in the unborn child.
Improves Haemoglobin values. Bloody oranges contain folic acid with is nothing but vitamin B6. This is a very important constituent of blood and thus helps in improving haemoglobin values. Regular consumption of bloody oranges will improve and increase blood Haemoglobin values keeping the body healthy and strong.


Helps In Reducing Weight

Animal studies have shown that consumption of blood oranges improves the HDL cholesterol (good fat) and reduces value of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides (bad cholesterol). This helps in reducing the body weight which indirectly benefits the body.

Faulty weight loss programs

Benefits Liver

Bloody oranges reduce the fat content around the organs like liver, pancreas etc. which is mainly your tummy fat. This improves their functioning and also assists in the function of individualorgans.


Improves Digestion

Bloody oranges have a rich fibre content. This fibre improves digestion and also helps in normalising the body’s blood glucose levels.

Improves Digestion

Faster Wound Healing

Bloody oranges are rich in antioxidants, they help in blood formation, also assist in the coagulation process etc. All these factors help in wound healing. Eating bloody oranges regularly will result in faster wound healing and also prevent infections from happening at the site of wound. Therefore eating bloody oranges is recommended in patients with diabetes as it prevents the diabetic foot complications.


Protects The Cardiovascular System

The development of atherosclerotic plaques is reduced by bloody oranges. They also help in improving the overall lipid profile as a result of which it is said that bloody oranges reduce the risk of heart diseases and also to some extent protect the cardiovascular system.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Protects The Retina And Keeps Eyes Healthy

Bloody oranges are rich source of vitamin A. vitamin A protects and nourishes the retina which is responsible for providing vision. Vitamin A also keeps the eyes healthy and protects them against injury or infection.


Gives A Radiant Glow To The Skin

Vitamin A and retinoid content of bloody oranges keeps the skin healthy and reduces ageing process. This avoids development of fine lines and wrinkles thus keeping the skin healthy and radiant.

Fresher Skin

Helps The Body In Dealing With Infections And Inflammation

The antioxidant property of bloody oranges reduces the inflammation in the body. The Vitamin C improves the overall body immunity thus keeping the body protected and safe against developing infections.


Having so many benefits, the bloody orange fruit is a must for your diet. Use it in your day-to-day cooking for adding that twist and taste.

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