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15 Health Benefits Of Cardamom


Cardamom is a rich spice which is widely used in the kitchen as it offers great taste to your food. Cardamom is actually a store house of a number of useful nutrients and vitamins. It contains rich amount of vitamin A, vitamin c and minerals like copper, zinc, calcium, potassium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, thiamine, manganese etc and all of these contents of cardamom are extremely beneficial for your health.

One can easily incorporate cardamom to his life in several ways. You can prepare a tea from it or you can add it directly to your meals at the time of cooking. No matters how you take it but one thing is sure that you can get a lot of health benefits from cardamom. Here is the list of health benefits that cardamom can provide.

15 Health Benefits Of Cardamom:

Improves Digestion

Helps In Digestion

Cardamom is very useful for improving the problem of improper digestive functioning. The rich properties of cardamom soothe your stomach and prevent the problems such as gas, acidity, constipation, heart burn etc. Therefore it is advisable to drink cardamom tea for getting relief.

Helps In Detoxification


The build up of toxic materials in the body is very harmful for health. Not only this, it also promotes the activity of free radicals in the body which increases the aging process. But the good news is you can get rid of these problems by consuming cardamom regularly. It has manganese content that helps in the proper detoxification and prevents numerous other risks.

Treats Bad Breath

Remedy For Bad Breath

Cardamom helps in improving you overall oral health. It is rich in anti bacterial properties and thus is very useful for getting rid of the bacteria causing bad breath. Therefore regular chewing of cardamom pieces can treat bad breath problem effectively.

Improves Blood Circulation

Regulates Blood Flow

A poor blood circulation is also responsible for causing a lot of health problems but the powerful anti oxidants and vitamins present in cardamom helps in increasing the blood flow in your body and prevent certain harmful diseases effectively.

Relieves Cold


Cardamom is a very effective remedy for the problem of cold and flu. The anti spasmodic properties that it contains are very effective in treating these problems. Not only this, you can even treat asthma by using cardamom. You have to mix cardamom oil in hot water and inhale the steam for respiratory relief.

Treats Depression


A regular consumption of cardamom tea is a very effective way to treat the problem of depression. The rich nutrients of cardamom help in nourishing the body cells and prevent the toxic build up which is a useful step for getting rid of depression problems.

Treats Anaemia


Anaemia is a condition in which there is a reduce in the red blood cell count in the body and it is caused due to iron deficiency. Cardamom is rich in iron and other useful minerals that help in increasing the production of red blood cells and treats anaemia very effectively. It is therefore advisable that you should mix cardamom powder to warm water and consume everyday for benefits.

Regulates Cholesterol


The anti oxidative nature of cardamom is helpful in regulating the level of harmful cholesterol in the body. Regular consumption of cardamom tea thus reduces the cholesterol and prevents serious problems.

Improves Sex Life

Improves Sex Life

One of the greatest benefits of cardamom is that it is very effective in improving the sex life. It increases the desire and also helps in treating a lot of sexual problems like pre mature ejaculation. Therefore it is advisable to consume a warm solution of cardamom to get the benefits.

Treats Urinary Tract Infections

Treats Urinary Tract Infections

The rich properties are very effective in getting relief from the symptoms of urinary tract infection and therefore regular consumption of cardamom is advised.

Prevents Scalp Infection

Prevents Scalp Infection

Cardamom also helps in preventing scalp infection. The anti bacterial properties of cardamom are actually helpful for providing a healthy scalp.

Treats Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Cardamom also contains a lot of useful anti inflammatory properties that helps in treating the problem of inflammation and pain in the joints. Along with improved blood circulation you can effectively get rid of joint problems.

Improves Skin Health

Clean The Skin

As cardamom helps in reducing the toxicity levels of the body which helps in reducing the free radical’s activity. The direct impact of this can be seen on your skin health. Your skin gets clearer and fairer by consuming cardamom.

Prevents Vomiting


You can treat the problem of vomiting by regularly consuming cardamom tea and other cardamom concoctions.

Treats Sore Throat

Sore Throat

A mixture of cardamom and warm water is a very effective remedy to treat the problem of sore throat.

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