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15 Health Benefits Of Garlic Salt

Health Benefits Of Garlic Salt

Everyone is quite familiar with table salt (also referred to as common salt), or the salt that we generally use in most of our foods. But have you ever heard of garlic salt? And do you know what all health benefits does it have? Garlic salt is made by mixing dried ground garlic (for better results, its powdered form is preferred), table salt and anti-caking agent (calcium silicate is a very common anti-caking agent for this purpose). Garlic salt is actually a seasoning salt; it means that it is often used for food seasoning. Apart from being used in food, it is often used as a substitute of fresh garlic. People often get confused between garlic salt and other spices like garlic powder, granulated garlic or minced garlic; garlic salt is actually from all of these.

Many people do not know about the health benefits that garlic salt has to offer. It is loaded with a number of medicinal properties that can help you have a healthful body. It is known to lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar and reduce blood pressure, all of which are starting points of diseases that take dreadful forms as one ages. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which means they help you to heal faster; garlic salt is also known to possess anti-carcinogenic properties, which means that it can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

Here Are A Few Health Benefits Of Garlic Salt That You Should Know About

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Garlic salt is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties; this means that it can help to fight against inflammation. In fact, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is used to treat inflammatory diseases like rhinitis and bronchitis.

Reduces Inflammatory Diseases

Aids In Digestion

Due to the presence of a decent amount of dietary fiber, garlic salt significantly helps in digestion.

Aids Digestion

Reduces Blood Cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol can prove to be detrimental to your health, as it can cause constriction to the flow of blood through arteries. Allicin present in garlic helps to lower the blood triglycerides; it also helps to control arterial plaque formation. Garlic salt helps to moderately decrease blood triglycerides, which can in turn help to reduce bad cholesterol present in your blood.


Improves Sexual Drive

Garlic salt is a good natural agent to improve your sexual drive; it is due to its ability to improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Improves Sexual Drive

Combats Against Respiratory Ailments

Garlic salt can prove to be an invaluable medicine to people suffering from certain respiratory disorders, like difficulty in breathing, asthma and other related disorders. The ability of garlic salt to promote expectoration makes it an impressive medicine against bronchitis.

Respiratory Diseases

Bone Strength Consolidation

Bone deterioration is often attributed to estrogen deficiency (estrogen is an important hormone in the human body). A study has shown that dried garlic extract can prevent estrogen deficiency in your body, and can make your bones stronger.

Strengthens Bones

Cancer Prevention

Due to the presence of allyl sulphides in garlic, garlic salt makes up for a great anti-cancer medicine. According to a few studies, it has been found that garlic salt lowers the risk of certain types of cancer, especially breast cancer in women.

Prevents Cancer

Anti-Oxidant Properties

Garlic salt can help you fight free-radical damage, which is the root cause of many skin ailments and other health-related problems. Therefore, it is a great natural salt to keep yourself free from oxidative damage of cells.


Natural Stimulant

Garlic salt is a well-known stimulant that is used to promote a host of processes in the body.


Helps Against Scurvy

A deficiency of Vitamin C can lead to a dreaded disease known as scurvy. Garlic salt supplies enough Vitamin C to your body to keep diseases like scurvy and other related ailments at bay.


Helps To Lose Excess Calories

Excess fat in the body can make you gain weight. Therefore, it’s imperative to get some exercise, and regulate the fat formation in the body. Garlic helps to regulate the formation of fat cells in your body and hence helps to lose those excess calories.

burn calories

Lowers Blood Sugar

Garlic salt regulates the insulin levels of your body, and therefore keeps your blood sugar levels under control.

Blood Sugar Levels

Heart Protection

Garlic salt keeps your blood pressure under control, hence makes your heart healthy and free from a number of ailments.

Heart health

Anti-Bacterial Properties

Thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properies, garlic salt actually helps against viral, fungal, worm and yeast infections.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

Anti-Allergic Properties

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, garlic salt can be used to fight allergies and infections of the body. It also possesses anti-arthritic properties, due to the presence of diallyl sulphide and thiacremonone in garlic. Due to this particular property, garlic salt has been found to improve allergic airway inflammation.


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