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15 Health Benefits Of Onion Juice


Onion Juice

Onion juice has various benefits. Many of us underestimate onion. We do not give the kind of importance it shall get probably because we do not know its benefits. Many of us want to avoid onion juice because of its bad smell and sometimes because of the tears it brings in our eyes. Owing to some of these negative points we do not want to use onion. Considering the positives and benefits that onion contains these are extremely small issues. In fact, off late onion has become way too expensive for a vegetable and people actually prefer not to purchase it till it is not extremely important. We can relate this to the ancient times when onion was considered extremely pricey and was often used for barter system. Hence, we can probably now understand the value of onions. Onion has properties which are beneficial for health and has positive impact on health. Apart for all these onion have nutritional benefits as well. Therefore the consumption of onion juice is not just beneficial in one but in many ways.

Some Of The Benefits Of Drinking Onion Juice Are Mentioned Below:

1. Consumption Of Onion Juice For Burning Sensation

It is believed that consumption of onion juice is beneficial for burning sensation. A person having burning sensation shall consume a glass of onion juice. The juice can be consumed with a spoon of honey mixed in it. This will provide immense relief to the person who is suffering. It is recommended that the person consuming the juice shall try and avoid eating or drinking anything for the next one hour.

Consumption Of Onion Juice For Burning Sensation

2. Nutritional Value Of Onion Juice

As we have mentioned earlier, onion juice has a good nutritional value. We can find a good variation in the nutritional composition and nutritional content in various strains of onions. The composition of onion is affected by numerous factors like maturity and the length of storage. Onion has a wide range of nutrients present in it. Onion juice is a rich source of vitamins C, vitamin B6 and folic acid. These are all important for our body and health. Along with these, onion juice also contains calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium and phosphorus. All these nutritions perform various functions in keeping the body healthy.

Onion juice

3. Onion Juice For Great Skin

Onion juice are said to be good for the skin as well. Onions help in the circulating the blood within the internal layers of skin. A person can apply onion juice on skin and leave it for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Another alternative can be consumption of onion juice regularly. This will benefit your skin internally. As mentined earlier, mixture of onion juice and honey is said to be good for the skin as well. This mixture can be used to remove freckles and pigments from the skin.

hydrated skin

4. Onion Juice For Reducing Glucose Levels

Onion juice is good for keeping a check on the glucose levels of our body. The regular intake of onion juice helps in reducing the increased blood sugar level of our body. It helps in lowering the increased blood sugar levels of the body. Onions have properties which help in improving the glucose levels and also helps in decreasing the sugar level while a person is fasting.

Managing Glucose Levels

5. Onion Juice For Hair Growth

This is one of the most common yet unique features of onion juice. Many people apply onion juice on the scalp and hair for hair growth. Onion juice shall be applied regularly for hair growth. Onion juice shall be applied regularly. The frequency of onion juice application shall be about once or twice in a week. You shall apply the juice and leave it for about thirty minutes and then wash it off. Onion juice helps in reducing hair fall and promotes hair growth. It is one of the best tried and tested home remedies for hair fall. If you are facing the problem of hair fall you shall definitely give onion juice a try, if you have not.

hair Health

6. Onion Juice For Common Cold And Other Respiratory Problems

Onion juice is being used as a natural cure to various respiratory problems and ailments. The anti- inflammatory properties of onion juice help them in being a natural cure for ailments related to various other respiratory issues.

Improves Respiration

7. Onion Juice For Protecting From Allergies

Onion juice is said to have properties which protect from various allergens. Onion juice has properties which help in keeping the allergens away.

Allergic Reactions

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8. Onion Juice For Stronger Bones

Drinking onion juice helps in having stronger bones. Onions are said to have properties which prevent from having weak bones. As we grow older our bones get weaker and damaged. Especially, if you are a woman, you will tend to have various issues relating to bones after a certain age. Therefore consumption of onion juice will help in stronger and better bones. This will also prevent your bones from getting damaged.

Healthy Bones (2)

9. Onion Juice For Anemia

Anemia is a condition where a person develops deficiency in the number of red blood cells in humans. If a person is suffering from anemia he has lessor number of red blood cells than the required number. Onions have various properties which help in dealing and curing anemia. Consumption of onion juice helps in treating anemia.


10. Onion Juice Keeps Infections Away

Onion has properties which are antimicrobial, antiseptic and antibiotic. Presence of these properties helps onion juice in being a good healer of infections. All these help in keeping infections away.

Strengthens Immune System

11. Onion Juice For Sleeping Disorders

Onions are said to cure sleeping disorders and issues. Onions have properties which help in healing insomnia. So, by consuming a glass of onion juice you can get a good night sleep.

Treats Insomnia

12. Onion Juice As Bleach

Application of onion juice on dark patches of skin can help in removing the patches and dark spots. It also helps in lightening the spots. Onion juice is often used as a bleach as it helps in removing dark patches and spots on the skin.

Skin Toning

13. Onion Juice For Good Memory

Onion juice shall be consumed for a good memory. Onion juice helps in developing a strong nervous system. It enhances your memory and nervous system. Consumption of onion juice enhances the blood circulation and helps in the better and faster working of memory. Therefore one shall drink a glass of onion juice for a stronger and better memory.

Boost Memory and Brain Function

14. Onion Juice For Moles

Onion juice are said to remove moles on the skin effectively and efficiently. You need to apply onion juice with the help of cotton. It is said that for beneficial results you need to apply onion juice at least thrice daily.


15. Onion Juice For Stomach Ache

Onion juice helps in reducing and providing relief to a person from stomach ache. Onion has properties which are anti bacterial and anti inflammatory. These properties help a person to relieve him or her of stomach ache and various other stomach related issues.

Good for Stomach

These are a few benefits of onion juice. For best results one shall have onion juice every morning. Onion juice has benefits which are more than one and can probably not be enumerated.


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