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15 Health Benefits Of Wasabi


15 Health Benefits Of Wasabi

Wasabia japonica belongs to Brassicaceae family that also includes cabbages, mustard and horse radish. The wasabi root gives out strong aroma and is used as a condiment. Some of the health benefits of wasabi are discussed here.

15 Health Benefits Of Wasabi:


Wasabi consists of antimicrobial substances that are beneficial for fighting bacteria. The vapors of isothiocyanates prevent the growth of different strains of bacteria, mould and yeast. Sawa Wasabi with isothiocyanates inhibits the growth of Helicobacter pylori. Wasabi eliminates bacteria and becomes a good meal with raw fish. Raw fish is known to have the property of attracting the bacteria.

Bacterial Infection


The inflammation in the sores and injuries is eliminated by the wasabi paste. Wasabi causes inflammation in the nasal passages resulting in congestion.

Deals With Inflammation


Isothiocyanates present in wasabi inhibit the enzymes, phase-I enzymes that block the conversion of pre-carcinogenic to carcinogenic compounds. The chemicals in wasabi allow the liver to neutralize the highly toxic substances that travel all over the body and cause cancer. Hence, wasabi reduces the risk of developing cancer in the later stages of life.

Defeats Cancer


Cardiovascular Health

Wasabi has the ability of inhibiting the aggregation of platelets and decreases the chances of stroke and heart attack. Wasabi has the ability to cease the platelets from sticking together which might be fatal.

Cardiovascular diseases


The painful joints can be relieved from pain with the intake of wasabi diet as wasabi has anti-inflammatory properties. Wasabi blocks the inflammatory pathways that result in inflammation. The isothiocyanates in wasabi can prevent inflammatory bowel disease and asthma.

Prevents Arthritis

Cavity Prevention

The cavities in the teeth are prevented from happening with the intake of wasabi. These cavities are caused by Streptococcus mutans. Isothiocyanates in wasabi are helpful in blocking the bacteria in the mouth and do not allow the sugars to stick to the teeth leading to cavities.

Cavity Prevention

Natural Cleansing

Wasabi has the capacity to battle against Staphylococcus and E.coli as well as to destroy pylori bacteria due to its anti-bacterial activity.

Natural Cleansing

Detoxifying Agent

Wasabi is a natural detoxifier and helps the liver to remove the toxins and carcinogens. The photochemical nature of wasabi helps in eliminating the toxic compounds present in the fatty tissues of the liver.


Enhances Digestion

The harmful toxins in the body are eliminated with the intake of wasabi peas as part of the diet into the intestinal tract. Wasabi prevents the individual from suffering from diverticulitis as it is rich source of fibers.


Low Calorie Diet

Wasabi is a low calorie food that is suitable for the people who eat this in order to lose weight. Therefore, wasabi is considered as a suitable replacement for the high calorie snacks.

Treats Respiratory Conditions

The gaseous release of allyl isothiocyanates in the nasal passages and sinuses blocks the proliferation of respiratory tract pathogens such as those causing pneumonia and influenza. The sinuses are cleared by wasabi by smelling and sensing it. Seasonal allergies are resolved by smelling wasabi.

Fights Infection Of The Respiratory Tract

High Nutritional Value

Wasabi is rich in fiber, energy and protein. It consists of minerals like phosphorus, iron, calcium, zinc, sodium, magnesium, and potassium that are necessary elements in any balanced diet. Wasabi is also rich in vitamin C, A, niacin, folate, B6, thiamine and riboflavin. Wasabi plant has rich antioxidants and low cholesterol.

Adds Flavor To Food

Wasabi has a strong taste and is spicy to eat. It is used as condiment in the food and is found available in mustard, chilli peppers and horseradish.


Prevents Food Poisoning

The allyl isothiocyanates offer wasabi the insecticidal and bactericidal properties. The food bugs are potentially fought with wasabi and food poisoning is prevented. It neutralizes the spores of the mold and kills them.

Prevents Food Poisoning

Keeps Young

Grating of fresh wasabi releases a compound called sulfinyl, which is a powerful antioxidant. Regularly consuming sulfinyl aids in reducing the aging process and reduces the reactive oxygen in the body.

Look Younger



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