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15 Outstanding Health Benefits Of Olives


Health Benefits Of Olives

A fruit from the evergreen trees, olive is a native fruit of the Mediterranean lands. And people around the mediterranean sea have been dependent for centuries on this fruit for livelihood and means of sustenance. This olives are bitter in taste and are cured before selling. They come as black and green olives are are sold in cans or jars in ready to eat form. Always wash the canned olives thoroughly before eating as to reduce the sodium content. The health benefits of olives are immense and its high oxidants powers are very beneficial for the heart, brain, skin and overall health of the body.

The Health Benefits Of Olives Are-

High Iron Content

Olives contain high amounts of iron which is vital for various functions of the body. Iron supports the transportation of oxygen through the red blood cells to the various parts of the body. Lack of iron leads to low hemoglobin levels and gives rise to a health problem called anemia. The immune system gets weak with the low iron content and people feel weak, tired and cold. Olive should be eaten regularly to prevent the deficiency of iron in the body.

Strengthens Immune System


It is the high antioxidant powers of olives that have made it a superfood. Olives contain good amounts of glutathione in the blood which leads to improvement in the antioxidant capacity. The antioxidants protect the body from free radicals and hence against fatal diseases like cancers of the heart, brain and other organs of the body.


Blood Circulation

Intake of olives is said to promote proper blood circulation in the body, and when oxygen is transmitted to all body parts, they function optimally.

Boost Blood Circulation

Reduces Pain

All kinds of body pains and inflammation can be reduced by eating olives. They contain compounds that act as natural ibuprofen and reduce pain in the body.


Skin Care

The use of olive oil for the skin and hair has always been recommended by experts. The vitamin E in olives and the antioxidants and fatty acids, not only nourish and hydrate the skin but also protects it from the harmful UV radiation of the sun.


Hair Care

Olive oil is a great conditioner to the hair and is very effective in removing dark spots from the face and improving complexion. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles by topical use and internal intake also.

hair Health

Weight Loss

Olives are a great option for a weight loss diet. Consuming olives make the stomach full fast, and it releases a compound that sends messages to the brain for stomach fullness. The monosaturated fats and dietary fibers in olives are great for weight loss as they are low in calories too. Olive oil is known to reduce belly fat and keep insulin levels in control that helps in controlling weight gain.

Faulty weight loss programs

Brain Health

Intake of olives have shown improvement in cognitive functions. It is supposed to improve memory power and reduce oxidative stress that can hamper brain functions. The antioxidants are known to lessen the instance of degenerative nerve diseases and also has a positive impact on age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

Sharpens Your Brain

Heart Health

The oxidation of the cholesterol leads to fat deposition in the arteries, which is the cause of heart attacks. The antioxidants in black olives can prevent this phenomenon and help in keeping the heart healthy. Olives are anti-inflammatory and contain various minerals like potassium and oleic acid that are extremely good for the heart and when combined with the monosaturated fats, help in controlling the blood pressure levels.

Heart health


Eating olives has also had a significant improvement in reproductive problems and is said to improve fertility.

Fertility Issues


Olives contain compounds that are anti-histamine. It helps against allergies and reduces inflammation to ease up breathing and asthma problems. It thereby also improves the blood circulation of the body. The iron provided by the olives also improves the immunity levels. The anti microbial and anti bacterial qualities of olives helps the body in keeping various infections at bay.

Improve Stamina And Immunity


The phenolic compounds in olives are great antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative stress and prevent the oxidation of free radicals. They prevent the growth of unwanted tumors and also keep the digestive system healthy to prevent colon cancers. They help in reducing inflammation and contains oleic acid that can thwart the spread of abnormal cells and benefit breast cancer.

Prevents Cancer

Eye Health

The vitamin A content in olive is great for eye health and helps in improving night vision which means it helps in distinguishing between light and darkness. It hence protects the eye against diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration, and vision loss.

Healthy Eyes

Digestive Health

The good amounts of fibers in olives keep the bowels in good condition and prevent constipation.Olive oil is said to give relief from gastritis and ulcer pain and also prevent the formation of gallstones. Olives stored in brine are great probiotics to keep the gut healthy and also the intake of olives is said to prevent colon cancers.

Treats digestive problems

Blood Clots

Problems of deep vein thrombosis or myocardial function that results due to blood clots can be prevented with the intake of olives and they are also said to benefit the problem of varicose veins.

Blood Clots


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