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15 Top Benefits Of Niaouli Essential Oil


15 Top Benefits Of Niaouli Essential Oil

Do you want to keep your apartment insect free? Are you frustrated with your arthritis pain? Niaouli essential oil is the solution. The oil smells great and its antiseptic properties make it a very popular and widely appreciated ingredient across the globe. Why don’t you start using the essential oil and benefit from it.

Here Are The Top Benefits Of Niaouli Essential Oil:

An Effective Antiseptic

Because of the antiseptic properties bacterial, fungal or microbial infections gets cured especially on open wounds. Moreover, infections on the internal parts like kidney, colons, intestinal tract etc can be protected as well.

Effective Antiseptic

An Impactful Analgesic

In case you are suffering from any kind of toothache, earache, joint pain or muscle sprains, headache and migraine, niaouli essential oil has the potential to soothe the nerves and relieve the pain.


Protection Against Bacterial Infections

The bactericidal properties present in the essential oil can help to ward away with the infections with fewer applications only. This is one of the reasons for the presence of this ingredient in several lotions and creams used for treating bacterial infections.

Treat Fungal Infections Of The Skin

Relieves From Arthritis Pain

If you have been suffering from the chronic pain of arthritis, it is high time when you should definitely start applying niaouli essential oil. The accumulation of the uric acid is prevented in your joints with balanced stimulation of blood.

Manage Arthritis

Lowers Body Temperature

The niaouli essential oil is also known for lowering the body temperature and thereby reducing fever in a very short notice.


Cleanse Your Complete System

The essential oil has the potential to promote perspiration especially when your body temperature is high. This flushes out the toxins from your body, detoxifying your blood and thereby cleansing your whole system.


Clears Congestion From Lungs, Throat And Nose

When you suffer from chronic cough and cold it affects the passages of lungs and other organs and thereby you are unable to breathe properly. Using this essential oil can be helpful as it clears the cough and cold.

Sinus Congestion

Soothes Your Mind

Niaouli essential oil is also known for providing soothing effect to your mind. This relaxes and refreshes your mind and relieves you from stress and anxiety. You can even sleep well at night.

Mood Enhancer

Keep Flies And Insects At Bay

Do you know niaouli essential oil act as an amazing insecticide? It has the potential to keep mosquitoes and house flies at bay. Use a spray or a vaporizer made of the oil.

Insect Bites

Removes Scars From The Skin

If you are looking for a clear and a scar free skin, start applying Niaouli essential oil and get rid of acne, burn or pox marks and scars within few days of application.

Lightens scars and marks

Anti Aging Property

In respect to the benefits to the skin, niaouli essential oil also has the potential to boost the production of new skin cells and re-energize your face and remove wrinkle marks.


Aids In Proper Circulation

Niaouli essential oil can help in the improvement of blood circulation and also aid in hormonal secretions in optimal manner.

Better Blood Circulation

Promotes Growth

This essential oil is also known for promoting growth and strengthening of the muscles of the body.

Build Muscles

Aids In Digestion

Since the oil acts as a catalyst for increased metabolism, the digestion process also takes place properly and thus you don’t suffer from stomach upsets.

Helps In Digestion

Treats Intestinal Worms

Niaouli oil can kill the intestinal oil and thereby absorption of nutrients in executed perfectly.

Cure Intestinal Worms

Start using this essential oil from today and seek the protection and treatment for various diseases and lead an optimal life.


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