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15 Wholesome Health Benefits Of Eggs


Health Benefits Of Eggs

Eggs are symbolic of life. They are used amply in the diet for their health benefits, and taste of course. They contain fats, cholesterol, proteins, and a variety of nutrients. A fresh egg always stays afloat when immersed in water while the old sinks to the bottom. People can safely eat a whole egg every day to stay healthy. It contains choline that is vital to cell membrane formation. The yolk of the egg though contains mainly fat, is densely concentrated with vitamins and minerals. Eggs can be eaten scrambled, poached, boiled or even fried. The nutrition and cholesterol content of the egg largely depends on the feed its animal source has been given while being raised.

The Health Benefits Of Eggs Are-

Extremely Nutritious-

Eggs are dense sources of nutrition as they contain vitamins, folate, healthy fats, selenium and phosphorus. It is recommended to eat one whole egg every day for breakfast for complete body nutrition.

Extremely Nutritious

Protein Content-

Eggs are high in their protein content, a nutrient which cannot be stored in the body and hence we have to regularly add it in our diet for a fresh supply. Proteins are required by the body for building and repairing of tissues and cells of the bones, muscles, cartilage, blood and skin. Eggs add protein to the diet without adding excess carbs. Eggs contain amino acids that make the proteins the human body requires.

Protein Content

Choline Content-

Eggs contain a vitamin called choline which is responsible for the building of cells, transmission of data to and fro the brain and it also controls the motor functions.

Sharpens Your Brain

Heart Healthy-

Eggs are good for the heart as they contain nutrients that could be heart healthy. If the animal source has been fed with food that are rich in omega 3 fats, these eggs could be rich in it, which is beneficial for the heart. They also supply the good cholesterol to the body and egg consumption can change the pattern of the bad cholesterol to larger ones, that helps in reducing the risk of attacks and strokes.

Heart health


Eggs contains vitamin D which is vital to bone health. It protects and aids in the development and upkeep of the bones of the body. Hence, diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis and other joint problems can be benefitted from the intake of eggs.

Boost Bone Health

Controls Bad Cholesterol-

Eggs are known to contain cholesterol in good quantities. The debate over the cholesterol in the egg is, whether it is good or bad. The eggs which are rich in omega 3 fats can lower the bad cholesterol or triglycerides in the body. It also changes the composition of the bad cholesterol from small to large ones, reducing stroke chances. Also, studies have found that the cholesterol in the eggs does not necessarily affect the cholesterol in the blood of humans. It depends on the person’s reaction sensitivity to the egg.

Lowers Cholesterol

Increases The HDL Cholesterol-

Egg consumption can increase the level of the good cholesterol or HDL that in turn reduces triglycerides. Also, studies have found that the cholesterol in the eggs does not necessarily affect the cholesterol in the blood of humans. It depends on the person’s reaction sensitivity to the egg.



The antioxidants in egg namely, Lutein and Zeaxanthin protect the eye from damage. Poor eyesight could be a cause of old age and these antioxidants protect the eyes from excessive wear and tear that can lead to eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Eye Care

Weight Loss-

Yes, eggs contain nutrients that keep the stomach fuller for a longer time. The protein content helps in weight loss and boiled eggs should be eaten by those watchful of their weights. An egg contains 80 calories and 5 gms of fat, hence, it is good to eat an egg a day rather than eliminating it from the diet completely as it keeps the body full and provides energy to keep going without the urge to eat again and again.

Faulty weight loss programs

Brain Health-

The choline content in eggs helps in the upkeep of the brain health. It boosts development of the brain in the foetus and also protects the functions of the memory in old age.

Improves Brain Functioning

Hair And Nails-

Eating eggs keeps the nails and hair healthy and shiny. Egg fulfils the nutrient deficiency in a person to promote faster growth and stronger hair and nails. Eggs masks can be applied to the hair which gives the hair a great shine and volume.

hair Health

Iron Content-

The iron content in eggs is beneficial for proper transmission of oxygenated blood. It is vital for women who are fatigued and tired due to anemia and iron deficiency. The iron in egg yolk is haem iron and is easily absorbed and digested.


Low Carbs-

Though eggs contain cholesterol, they do not contain carbohydrates that come in the way of losing weight. The calorie content of eggs is relatively large and the absence of sugars makes it a healthy diet food.

Egg Salad

Women’s Health-

Eggs contain essential nutrients that are vital to the health of women. They overcome the iron deficiency due to blood loss in menstruation. Choline found is egg is vital for the health of menopausal women and it also keeps the bones strong and agile.

Good For Women


This water-soluble element is present in eggs that help in the energy production and promotes the growth of tissues and cells.

Red blood cells


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