4 Amazing Uses Of Kitchen Leftovers

Kitchen Leftovers

So you though that you have too much leftover in the kitchen and you are about to toss them in the bin. But hey hang on there! You would be amazed with some of the simple and useful things that you can do with your kitchen. The kitchen leftovers can be used for an array of purposes from cleaning your kitchenware to making beauty masks or even simply recreating recipes from the scratch.

Here Are A Few Tippers On What You Can Do

1. Recreating Recipes

Don’t throw those unused beans and bread into the trash yet. With simple leftover items, there are tons of things that you can make. The stale bread can be used as croutons for the soup while the beans can be tossed in the salad or for making a healthy pasta at home. You can also make a meal plan for your leftovers, to ensure that nothing goes wasted.

steal bread

 2. Cleaning The Kitchen

Those lemon and lime peels you are throwing away are great for getting rid of kitchen stains. They can be used for washing utensils and also adding fragrance to the towels.

lemon peel

3. Compost

Tea leaves, coffee water and even the plant leaves that you are throwing away can be used as compost for plants. This means you are giving back to nature, what you had taken from it.


4. Beauty Packs

And last but not the least, use those tomato peels for getting rid of the tan or the lime juice for helping fight your acne. You can put anything from potatoes to avocado on the face for glowing results.

Beauty Packs

So if you do the math, leftovers are actually going to save you a small fortune in the long run!


Kitchen Leftovers

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