5 Astounding Yoga Postures For A Healthy Eyesight



Yoga Postures For A Healthy Eyesight

Yoga poses are trending these days and with the super stunning benefits which we can achieve form the yoga poses, it becomes essential to include it in your workout routine! There are unique and beneficial yoga poses for each and every organ in our body! Improving eyesight has become one of the major issues nowadays! In this modern and computerized world, people work in front of the computers and stare the pc for hours and hours. The increased use of televisions, mobiles and computers has simply made the eyesight poor! In such cases, you can sooth your eyes and improve the eyesight with these stunning yoga poses! If you are looking of the high impact yoga poses which can help you improve your eyesight, here are the best options which you must try!

1. Shoulder Stand:

If you have a great balance and can perform the balancing yoga poses, you can perform this cool shoulder stand which is a promising and iconic yoga pose for improving eyesight! This pose not only helps sin boosting eyesight but would also aloe blood to flow appropriately which is amazing for the body! This pose would flow blood into your eyes, nose, brain and upper body which is the best way to make them function properly! Thus perform shoulder stand and improve eyesight quickly!

Shoulder Stand

2. Palming:

This is a simple and easy yoga technique which is suggested for those who want to improve eyesight! Palming is an act where you rub both your palms and prepare warmth and heat in your palms. Now, Place your palms on your eyes and you would feel the heat and warmth. This helps in soothing the eyes and also helps in improving blood flow in the eyes! This is the best yoga move for soothing your eyes and to improve your eyesight!


3. Blinking:

If you want to make blood flow regulated in your eyes and also ant to remove all the germs, dust and harmful bacteria from your eyes perform this cool set of motions which would cleanse and soothe your eyes! Sit straight and blink your eyes in quick and rapid movement for some seconds. Then close your eyes tight and practice deep breathing for few minutes! This would help in cleansing and improving your eyes as never before!


4. Focus Switching Pose:

This is a simple and easy wok trout which would help in brightening up your eyes and keeping your eyes sharp! This is a stunning pose in which, you need to switch focus and improve your eyes! Firstly, focus on an anything which is near you and stare it for few seconds. Now close your eyes and trace the object you were staring. Open your eyes and now focus on the object which is around 15-10 feet away from you and stare it. Close your eyes and trace this object too! Perform this pose for few minutes and this would help improving your eyesight naturally!

Focus Switching Pose

5. Up And Down Eye Movements:

This is a super cool yoga pose which would improve your eye sight and cleanse it naturally! In this pose, you need to move your eyes upwards and stare in the ceiling direction for few seconds. Shift your eyesight from upwards to the left side. In this way, perform the pose for all the sides and in up and down movements to improve eyesight! This pose would cleanse your eyes and improve your eyesight effectively!

Up And Down Eye Movements


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