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5 Beneficial Face Packs For Patchy Skin


 Patchy Skin

Patchy skin is one of the problems faced by ladies today. Unwanted smears and patches will make your skin look unhealthy and gloomy. This can make you feel less confident and sure of yourself in public domain. Don’t worry as this is not a serious skin disease or illness. It can be cleared away by following facials that can be easily prepared at home. The reasons behind this issue can be either interior or exterior. Some of the reasons for lifeless and irregular skin are hormonal unevenness and changed in melanin concentration. Other than that, external factors like over exposure to sunlight, air pollution, lack of healthy food intake, stress and depression can cause patchy skin issues. There are many creams and lotions to solve this problem. However, they are filled with chemicals. Instead, try some homemade facials and face packs that are prepared with natural ingredients.

Here Is A List Of Natural Face Packs For Patchy Skin:

1. Coconut Face Pack:

Obtain 1 teaspoon of sea-kale powder and 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. Mix them well. Apply it on your face, neck and forehead. Massage for 15 min. Allow it to dry off for 30 min and then rinse off with lukewarm water. You can add a few drops of lemon water in the lukewarm water for best results. Then rinse again with cold water. Do this on a habitual routine to get a blemish-free and clear skin. [1]

Coconut Face Pack

2. Red Elm Face Mask: 

This facial is one of the ideal packs for patchy skin issues. Take about 1 teaspoon of red elm bark powder and mix it with 100 grams of fresh yogurt. Then add a teaspoon of honey, half a teaspoon of peppermint extract and a quarter teaspoon of soda bicarbonate to it. Mix them thoroughly. Rub the paste on face and neck. Leave it for half an hour. Then wash off with cold water pursued by lukewarm water. If kept under refrigeration, this facial can be used for 3 weeks. It will remove the excess oil on your skin since the components used can rinse off the greasiness on skin’s surface. [2]

Red Elm Face Mask

3. Peppermint Face Pack:

Obtain 125 grams of brewer’s yeast and mix it with 5 ml of witch hazel extract. Then add another 5 ml of peppermint extract and same amount of lemon juice to the mixture. Mix them well and apply evenly on your face and neck. Allow it to dry for half an hour before rinsing off with water. The ingredients used in this face pack are nutritional and nourishing to the skin. It can increase the blood circulation under our skin as well. [3]

Peppermint Face Pack

4. Fuller’s Earth Face Mask:

Fuller’s earth has been used in facials since the olden times. Soak a teaspoon of fuller’s earth powder in yogurt for 30 min. Then add a teaspoon of mint powder to it and mix well. Rub the paste on your face and wash off with lukewarm water after it had dried off. Mint can give a fresh new look to your skin. Try this out at least thrice a week for optimal outcomes. [4]

Fuller’s Earth Face Mask

5. Oatmeal Facial:

Take 2 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of oatmeal. Mix them and apply it on your face and neck. Wait for half an hour before washing off with lukewarm water. Then splash your skin with cold water. Do this consistently to get a great skin. It can purify your skin and make it soft and smooth as well. Plus, coconut oil can heal damaged and injured skin cells. [5]

Oatmeal Facial



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