5 Best Yoga Poses To Treat Nausea

Yoga Poses To Treat Nausea

Nausea is a very common type of condition that is experienced by almost all people. It is actually a symptom of problem such as motion sickness, stomach flu and pregnancy. It is very normal to experience nausea in day to day life. People generally use medicines to get rid from the feeling of nausea. It will be better to perform some proper kind of Yoga that will help to get rid from this problem. It is very important to learn the best type of Yoga that is done in order to cure nausea in a very effective manner. It is really very disturbing to face nausea related problems.

Following Are Few Yoga Pose To Provide Relief From Nausea:

Legs-Up-the-Wall Yoga Pose

Nausea can be perfectly cured by applying Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose Yoga pose. This is a very important as well as easy kind of pose to get rid from the problem of Yoga. You will really enjoy doing this particular Yoga pose at home. Lie down on the ground and lift the legs in order to rest them against the wall. Place your bottom of your body near to the wall. Breathe in and out for some time.

Legs-Up-the-Wall Yoga Pose

Bound Angle Pose

Bound angle pose is also known as bound angle pose. It is a very perfect kind of pose in Yoga that will provide proper relief from nausea related issues. People who are continuously suffering from nausea can make use of this particular Yoga pose for better results. Sit on the ground and try joining the soles of the feet. Press the heels with hands and try to be in this position for few minutes.

Bound angle pose

Easy Pose

Easy pose is also termed as the best kind of Yoga pose to deal with nausea problem. It is a very easy kind of Yoga pose that can be done at the instant without much guidance. Sit silently on the ground and keep the legs in cross manner. Place a chair in front of you and try to bend towards the chair. Place your head on the chair. Try to inhale and exhale for some time till you get best results.

Easy pose

One-Legged Reclining Hero Pose

It is another best technique to deal with nausea related problems. It will perfectly deal with the problem and cure nausea. Try sitting on the ground by placing the knee on the ground. Sit on the feet and incline the upper part of the body in one direction. It is perfect pose to provide desired results.

One-Legged Reclining Hero Pose

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is also practiced to bring nausea under control. It mainly helps to relax the pressure on diaphragm and abdomen. Sit with cross legged and close the eyes. Try to inhale and exhale for some time in order to take fresh oxygen.

Deep breathing


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