5 DIY Best Clay Masks For Oily Skin

5 DIY Best Clay Masks For Oily Skin

Different skin types need different ingredients to maintain its radiance and smooth texture. If you use greasy ingredients for cleansing and nourishing your oily hair, it would make your skin even oilier and create skin impairments like acne and pimples. The oily skin is quite tough to battle and is perfectly sensitive. You need some soothing elements like aloe Vera gel, cucumber, clay and such natural oil absorbent which can fight excess oils and can make your skin look nourished.

The oily skin can sometimes get very embarrassing due to its oiliness ad sweatiness. If you want gorgeous and blissful skin this season which looks adorable and perfectly radiant, here are some amazing clay masks which can make your skin look fresh, dry and stunning.

Try These Cool Face Masks And Make Your Skin Shine:

1. Clay And Aloe Vera Gel Mask:

We simply love this soothing and refreshing mask which can work miracles on your skin. If your skin is too greasy and oily, you need to try this amazing mask for fighting oiliness and sticky texture. Mix some aloe Vera gel and clay powder along with water and apply this skin smoothening mask on your face. Clay is filled with amazing skin nourishing and soothing properties while aloe Vera gel would condition your skin and add shine. Thus go for this amazing mask and get cool results!

Clay And Aloe Vera Gel Mask

2. Clay Sandalwood Powder And Rose Water Mask:

This is such an amazing and flawless combination of ingredients which can make your skin fresh and gorgeous. Sandalwood powder is a stunning and light aromatic ingredient which has some natural benefits over the skin. Also rose water would refresh your tired dull and undernourished skin. If you face the issue of over sweating and greasy skin, you can try this cleansing mask for radiant and sun kissed skin. Mix these ingredients and apply this mask on your face. Feel fresh and glorious all the daylong with this mask!

 Clay Sandalwood Powder And Rose Water Mask

3. Charcoal Powder Clay And Rose Water Mask:

If you haven’t used this flawless ingredient, this is the right time to use it. The activated charcoal powder is one of the finest ingredients which can fight greasy and oily skin. If you have skin issues such as acne, pimples, patchiness and much more, this cool mask can get you relief from all these issues. Mix some charcoal powder, clay and rose water and apply this cleansing mask on your face. This mask would absorb all the greasiness and lava your skin fresh and glorious with each application!

Charcoal Powder Clay And Rose Water Mask

4. Clay Cucumber Juice Mask:

Clay and cucumber juice is such a refreshing and cool combination which would never fail to make your skin look adorable. This fine combination of ingredients would simply revitalize your skin, kick the extreme oil and greasiness and get you flawless skin every time. If your skin is extremely greasy and oily, you can also develop pores and acne. Thus go for this soothing mask and make your skin smoother, beautiful and shiny everyday!

5. Tea Tree Oil And Clay Mask:

If you have extremely greasy and oily skin, your skin can get open to pimples and acne. You need a stunning cleansing and anti septic mask which can fight this excess oil and make your skin look radiant. With this mask, your skin would be able to fight greasiness and pimples in a go. Tea tree oil is an anti bacterial ingredient with amazing benefits which would make your skin clean, clear and stunning. Try this mask and get flawless skin soon!

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