5 Easy Recipes Of Facial Mists You Can Try To Instantly Refresh Your Skin

The awesome mists can help you in some extreme climatic conditions. The mists would soak up the sweatiness from your skin and make it look bright, flawless and radiant! The skin sprays or mists are generally used for replenishing and reviving your skin which prevents it from getting dehydrated! The facial mists can also add smoothness, shine and radiance to your skin in just single use! If you are unaware about such mists, here we have some awesome facial mist recipes which can make your skin look adorable! These awesome facial mist recipes can make your skin bright, oil free, radiant and super smooth with just few uses! Thus, try these extremely promising and magical facial mist recipes and make your skin look pretty as never before!

1. Rose Water And With Hazel Mist:

We love this refreshing and extremely flawless mist recipe which can rejuvenate your skin and make it look adorable. Rose water makes the skin fresh tighter, smoother and flawless. Witch hazel is an amazing sweat fighting and germ killer ingredient which will not only keep your skin clean and smooth but will also fight bacteria, germs and such issues! Mix some rose water and witch hazel and apply this awesome mist on our skin when you feel tired!

Rose Water And With Hazel Mist

2. Green Tea And Tea Tree Oil Mist:

Nothing can work as magically as green tea on your skin is you want refreshing, radiant and flawless skin. Along with tea tree oil, green tea would simply work magically on your acne prone skin! If you want to fight acne, extreme greasiness of your skin and various skin impairments, apply this cool mist and make your skin look flattering. Get some chilled green tea and tea tree oil and prepare a mist. Use this mist regularly and cleanse your skin from getting affected by the germs! Cool and sooth your skin while fighting all the skin enemies magically!

Green Tea And Tea Tree Oil Mist

3. Cucumber Juice And Lime Water Mist:

Cucumbers are superb ingredients which are filled with minerals, nutrients and a lot of water content. Along with lime water, it will revive your skin, make it flawless and bright with each application, if your skin feels greasy, itchy ad extremely pigmented, use this mist and fight all these issues with this single skin care recipe! We simply love this intense repair and cleansing mist which will never disappoint you and keep you confident forever!

 Cucumber Juice And Lime Water Mist

4. Aloe Rose Water Mist:

If you are scared form the chemical based ingredients which can possibly ruin or damage your skin, you can use this dreamy mist recipe with some flattering ingredients. Aloe Vera gel is a soothing ingredient which will heal your skin. Rose water makes the skin smooth and flawless! Mix these ingredients and prepare a mist which will cleanse you skin every time you apply it! Whenever you step out and feel tired and dull after a lot of work, clean your skin with this magical mist and feel youthful!

Aloe Rose Water Mist:

5. Green Tea Peppermint And Rose Water Mist:

This is a refreshing and replenishing ingredient which will work miracles on your skin. This amazing ingredient is simply filled with amazing nutrients and nourishing ingredients which will leave you with a fresh and tinted skin! Mix some green tea, peppermint oil and rose water and apply this mist whenever you feel dull and tired. This mist would give you some instant freshness and energy! Look youthful and full of grace with this extremely refreshing mist recipe!

Green Tea Peppermint And Rose Water Mist

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