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5 Easy Tips To Eat More Fibre

Easy Tips To Eat More Fibre

Are you feeling constipated more than often? It seems that you are lacking fibre in your body right now. One of the most common reasons for stomach ailments and body problems is the lack of fibre. But there are some simple ways in which fibre can be included in your daily diet. It is simple how these little changes make an awesome contribution towards your health.

So Here Are Easy Tips To Add More Fibre To Your Diet:

1. Eat More Cereal At Breakfast

Instead of just eggs, how about adding more cereals to your breakfast. This could include porridge, oats, bran cereals, cornflakes and tonnes of other similar solutions. One bowl right in the morning will help you get a bulk of the portion of fibre. And to add more to this, have fruits in the same too or even veggies of your choice.

Eat More Cereal At Breakfast

2. Unstrained Juices

A problem that a lot of people suffer from is to have juice that has not been strained. So here make sure that your orange juice retains its pulp or even that smoothie with berries comes with pulp and seeds. A simple tip get more fibres.

Unstrained Juices

3. Avoid Juice and Have Fruit

You should seriously consider switching over to fruits instead of juice. Chewing on fruits directly gets you fibre along with natural juices and that too for lower costs. Eating one orange gives you the same amount of fibre as drinking pulpy juice made from 4 oranges. So smart savings there.

Avoid Juice and Have Fruit

4. Wholegrain and Wholemeal

If you are eating bread, pasta, etc. then opt for whole grain and whole wheat options. Basically you can also opt for multi-grain options where different kinds of legumes and cereals are bundled together. The result is that you get a healthy dose of fibre along with your favourite carbs.

Wholegrain and Wholemeal

5. Add More Legumes To Stew

While you are making that stew, how about adding some more legumes to the stew. On the whole, stews are made using different kinds of meats and veggies that have fibres. Now the legumes add more dosage of fibres here and you are able to get that much-needed fibre content, with least efforts. Legumes taste great in stews too along with the high fibre.

Add More Legumes To Stew

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