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5 Effective Breath Freshening Healthy Foods


The easiest way to freshen your breath is to eat foods that help in eliminating the odor causing compounds from your mouth. There are various causes of bad breath. It may occur when your mouth becomes dry. Saliva helps in cleaning the mouth that helps in getting rid of the odor causing compounds. Chewing foods that help in stimulating saliva secretion seems to help in freshening the breath. Moreover, foods that help in destroying the odor causing oral bacteria help in fighting bad breath.

To Freshen Your Breath, Add The Following Foods To Your Diet:

1. Lemon

Lemon is an excellent natural breath freshener. To fight bad breath, suck a lemon wedge. Alternatively, mix lemon juice with a cup of water and sip the lemon water. Although lemon juice helps in inhibiting growth of the bad breath causing bacteria that live in the mouth, the acidity of the sour fruit tends to damage the enamel of the tooth. Hence, use lemon sparingly to fight bad breath.[1]


2. Apple

To get rid of the garlic breath, eat an apple. Apple is an excellent natural mouth freshener. Its sweet fragrance helps in covering the unpleasant mouth odor. In addition, the juice in apple helps in flushing away the food particles trapped between the teeth. The mild acidity of apple helps in suppressing growth of bacteria that feed on the food debris and produce the foul smelling gas in the process.[2]


3. Yogurt

Yogurt is an effective breath freshening food. The active bacteria present in yogurt helps in suppressing growth of the oral bacteria involved in production of odor causing compounds. Furthermore, it helps in reducing the level of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth that causes bad breath. To freshen your breath, eat six ounces of unsweetened plain yogurt daily.[3]


4. Carrot

Munching on fresh carrot helps to freshen the breath. Chewing the crisp vegetable helps in promoting saliva production and cleaning the mouth that helps in eliminating the odor causing compounds from the mouth. Hence, the simplest way to get rid of bad mouth odor after a meal is to eat salad that contains raw carrots.[4]


5. Juniper Berries

Chewing a few juniper berries helps to freshen the breath. Traditionally juniper berries are eaten before a meal to fight bad breath. The berries contain certain compounds that help in suppressing growth of oral bacteria that feed on food debris and produce foul smelling gas.[5]

Juniper Berries


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