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5 Health Benefits Of Broccoli

5 Health Benefits Of Broccoli

Broccoli is one green vegetable which is probably low on everyone’s food list. Most of us would never consume broccoli unless we were forced to by our parents when we were kids. However, this vegetable is highly nutritious and offers the body multiple health benefits. Also, it can be cooked in many ways to suit one’s taste – you can steam it, lightly sauté it, add it to pasta etc. The main thing to keep in mind while cooking broccoli is not to overcook it as it becomes soggy and loses most of its nutrition.


Chronic inflammation can pose to be quite harmful for the body in the long term. Broccoli is rich in phyto nutrients that fight inflammation in the body. Further, the presence of omega 3 fatty acids also aid in fighting inflammation and other health benefits.

Anti Inflammatory

Strengthens Bones

A rich source of calcium and Vitamin K, broccoli is great to maintain healthy bones. Studies also reveal that broccoli may be able to prevent or delay age related bone ailments such as arthritis and stiff joints.

Strengthens bones

Prevents Cancer

Broccoli is a great cancer fighting foods as it rids the body of harmful toxins that can cause cancer . and also limits the growth and spread of cancer cells. Research studies indicate positive results in breast and cervical cancer cases.

Prevents Cancer

Detoxifies The Body

The phyto-nutrients present in broccoli detoxify the body and help get rid of harmful and unwanted toxins. This maintains great overall internal health and which reflects externally in the form of healthy skin.

Detoxifies the body

Helps Counter Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency has become a common cause of concern across the globe. With more and more people avoiding staying out in the sun due to harmful UV rays and increased risk of cancer, Vitamin D deficiency has been on the rise. The abundance of Vitamin A and K found in broccoli helps regulate Vitamin D in the body.

Helps counter Vitamin D deficiency

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