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5 Health Benefits Of Omega 3 Fish Oil

Health Benefits Of Omega 3 Fish Oil

Fish is a very important part of a non vegetarian diet as it has some very rare but essential nutrients that are very necessary for our body to store up on. The most significant nutrient that has very vital importance in health care is “Omega fatty acids”. These are not only consumed in the form of fish but also in form of fish oil capsules available over the counter.
Omega-3 is known to contain compounds like DHA or docosa hexaenoic acid and EPA or eicosa pentaenoic acid. These are extremely necessary for the prevention and maintenance of cholesterol levels and over all heart health. Apart from this omega -3 has a multitude of benefits which we shall highlight further on.

Lowered Levels Of Blood Pressure

This helps with purifying the blood and reducing the blood pressure considerably. Blood pressure is a major cause of heart failures and strokes. This is a silent killer that impacts our visceral organs very rapidly. Increased blood pressure makes it difficult for the heart and the arteries to pump blood effectively in our bodies. So there are often blockages and air pockets created simply by the heightened blood pressure. Omega 3 helps purify the blood and assists in reducing the pressure.

Omega 3 Fish Oil Lowered Levels Of Blood Pressure

Reduced Levels Of Triglycerides

They help to improve the circulation system by improving the arterial pathways and clearing out the increased triglycerides which clog up the blood flow. This in turn helps remove the collected plaque in the arteries that have already accumulated. Though the process is slow, but a good diet and follow up will make you see lasting results.

Omega 3 Fish Oil Reduced Levels Of Triglycerides

Help With Cases Of Cardiovascular Arrhythmia

The heart beats need to be in a constant rhythm that helps maintain the blood flow and pressure along the circulatory pathways. Irregular heart beats makes pumping blood and oxygen a tad bit difficult and in the long run it could create complications that might just be beyond the body’s controls. Omega 3 ensures that such an occurrence is prevented much before the problem arises.

Omega 3 Fish Oil Prevents Cardiovascular Arrhythmia

Reverses Risk of Strokes or Heart Failure

With the aforementioned benefits kicking in one can be assured that the high risk and exposure to these diseases can be minimized to a much larger extent by simply making the necessary changes in one’s diet and lifestyle. In case you are already diagnosed with a weak heart condition then this nutrient will ensure that your conditions improve rather than gravitate towards possible heart failure in near future.

Good Diet Reverses Risk Of Strokes Or Heart Failure

Recommended Consumption

One must consume these nutrients preferably in the form of fatty fish, which has the highest content of omega 3, for at least twice in any given week. Those who do not want to or don’t like fishes can opt for fish oil supplements available over the counter. But nutrients are best consumed naturally. Those who have already been diagnosed with a heart condition may have to consume more than a normal person. For the best dosage limit one must consult their doctors before experimenting themselves. Usually higher triglycerides demand an increased level of omega 3.

But as always moderation is the key to a proper diet and therefore your daily consumption at any given point shall not exceed 3 grams in a day. Beyond that it would not be a wise option to consume more. Given your varying body structure it can lead to nausea, vomiting, lose stools or even increased bleeding. This particular nutrient has no substantial side effects but it can often leave you lingering with a fishy after taste. Omega 3 is like the fountain of youth for the organs in our body, so get yourself some soon and be healthy all year round.

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