5 Health Benefits Of Upward Bow Pose Or Wheel Pose And Way To Perform It


5 Health Benefits Of Upward Bow Pose Or Wheel Pose

Upward Bow Pose or Wheel Pose is a superb pose which comprises of lots of benefits for your body. It is actually the reverse pose of normal bow pose with a slight modification. It is one type of back arch movement of your body. Like other yoga poses this pose also contains a name in Sanskrit and it is called “Urdhva Dhanurasana” where the word “Urdhva” means Upward in English, “Dhanu” stands for Bow and “Asana” means pose. When you perform this pose your body looks like a bow in upward formation.

Here Are 5 Health Benefits Of Upward Bow Pose And Way To Perform It

 Here Are Health Benefits Of Upward Bow Pose

Get A Flexible Back With Wheel Pose

This pose gives superb flexibility to your entire back. Improves the capacity of the back muscles of your body and it keeps you fit for any other physical activities.

Flexible Back

Strengthens The Leg Muscles

This particular pose strengthens the muscle of your leg and keeps them flexible.

Leg Muscles

Ideal Pose For A Healthy Spine

Wheel pose makes your spine supple and flexible which helps you in correcting your body posture. Keeps your spine healthy forever if you perform this pose regularly.

Healthy Spine

Gives You Flat Abs

There is no need to go to gym for flat abs now. Wheel pose effectively reduces the fat from your belly and gives you flat abs in a natural way.

Flat Abs

Strengthens Your Arms

As you have to keep your body weight and balance it on your arms, it strengthens your arms. It makes your arms flexible.

Strengthens Your Arms

Method To Do Wheel Pose

It is a very easy pose to do. First lay straight on the floor keeping your face to the sky. Now try to uplift your upper body part from the floor and place your hands in the side of your body while keeping your palms firmly on the ground. Now try to uplift your hips from the ground keeping your knees and feet in parallel.

Method To Do Wheel Pose

Keep the crown position on the ground and now try to uplift the complete lower part of your body thus it forms a complete arch that is some how looks like an upward bow. Now slowly uplift your head from the ground and keep your arms in inward direction while keeping the body balance. Do not forget that in this position your knees must keep together and you must exhale and inhale continuously. Hold the pose for 10-15 seconds.


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