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5 Healthy Oils To Add To Your Diet

Healthy Oils To Add To Your Diet

When we think of diets and dieting the first things that come to our minds is to cut away all kinds of friend foods from our diets. We must learn to differentiate between the good oils and the bad ones. Mostly useful oils contain mono unsaturated fats which are actually very helpful in a variety of health conditions in our bodies.

Function Of Oils

Not exceeding the consumption limit of 9 grams per day, oils help perform the following in our bodies:

Create a healthy cell membrane

Transmit stimuli to the nervous system

Help absorption of vitamins in the intestines

Lubricating and maintaining the elasticity of skin

Cushioning visceral organs and even regulating hormones.

Here is a list of the five most essential oils that one should include in their diets to get the good effects that our body can benefit from them.

Pistachio Oil

While it is a little heard of oil this aromatic oil has a lot of benefits. The lush emerald green oil that is cold pressed out of pistachio nuts is very fine and sweet to taste. The reason for its benefits is mostly attributed to the presence of a strong dosage of phytotesterols. These are a certain plant based compounds, which have over the years visibly reduced the risks associated with cancer. It has also been able to reduce and relieve tumor growth in animals.

These compounds of phytotesterols are similar in organic structure to that of the artery clogging and cardiovascular menace called cholesterol. Thus it has the power to fight against the cholesterol inducing agents in our intestines during digestion. This in turn helps the body absorb lesser amount of bad cholesterol to begin with.

Add Pistachio Oil In Your Diet

Avocado Oil

We all know the benefits of avocado the fruit but that big bulbous thing has innumerable benefits for our body in the form of cold pressed avocado oil. This oil is derived from the fleshy part of the fruit itself and thus inherits its buttery taste. Therefore it has all the best traits of avocado including the aspect which makes it an excellent agent for cell regeneration.

It is full of MUFA or mono saturated fats which are extremely helpful to keep cardiovascular problems at bay. With prolonged use one would certainly improve their lipid profile by cutting down bad cholesterol and adding up good cholesterols.

Another aspect that makes this a very healthy cooking oil variant is its breakdown point or the temperature at which any oil smokes out all the benefits and starts producing carcinogenic compounds. Avocado oil has a very high breaking point of over 500 degrees which is significantly higher than even extra virgin olive oil. Thus even if cooked on high heat and for deep frying, this oil will not harm your body in any way.

Add Avocado Oil In Your Diet

Walnut Oil

Beautiful walnut oil which is extracted from the nutty walnut can also be one of the best inclusions in our diets. It has a beautiful roasted flavor without the inherent bitterness of the nut itself. Walnut is the biggest most essential vegetarian source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Thus every one must derive its benefits to save themselves from:

Artery level damages to circulatory system

Dementia and other nervous system ailments that are rooted from depression

Free radical increase that can lead to cancer producing cells in the body

Add Walnut Oil In Your Diet

Pumpkin Seed Oil

These intensely flavored oils are full of omega 3 and antiaging tocopherols which fight the free radical damages by solar rays and anti inflammatory components that helps regulate the blood pressure levels in our body and manage arthritis.

Add Pumpkin Seed Oil In Your Diet

Flaxseed Oil

This is another omega rich oil that is cold pressed from the flax seeds. It has a variety of benefits that range from improved cholesterol levels to relieving menstrual cramps in women. For this oil a little goes a long way. With more use of these oils, our system will respond better to the daily atrocities of stress and fast paced lifestyle that is often the cause of serious health conditions.

Add Flaxseed Oil In Your Diet

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