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5 Interesting Home Remedies For Anemia


Home Remedies For Anemia

Red blood cells feed body tissues by carrying oxygen to the respective places through blood stream. Anemia results when the red blood cell count is very low and is not sufficient for the transport of oxygen though out the body. General malaise, swollen tongue and ringing in ears are some of the symptoms of anemia and are signs of illness. This article focuses on providing top five home remedies for anemia. They are –

Blackstrap Molasses

Waffles or pancakes are floated in molasses, known as blackstrap molasses, which is also known as a nutritional powerhouse. Blackstrap molasses, used in Ayurvedic medicine for blood building, is composed of 3.5mg of iron per tablespoon.

Blackstrap Molasses For Anemia

Dry Cereals

Eating a bowl of favorite cereal per day will help in waging a war against anemia. Cereals are fortified with nutrients like vitamin B12, folic acid and iron. Adding milk into cereals and eating it prevents anemic condition.

Dry Cereals For Anemia

Beef Liver

Beef liver is rich in iron and B vitamins, like folic acid and B12. Nearly, 5.8mg per three ounces of beef liver is composed of iron. The animal sources of iron include cheese, fish, eggs, chicken, lean ground beef and lean sirloin.

Beef Liver For Anemia


Beets consist of folic acid and other nutrients, such as potassium and fiber. Beets are prepared in the microwave, easily and tastefully. The skin on the beets is retained while cooking and removed before eating. The region under the skin is considered as nutrient-rich.

Beets For Anemia


Iron and folic acid are present in green leafy vegetables. Spinach is estimated to have 3.2mg of iron and 130mcg of folic acid per half cup.

Beets For Anemia


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