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5 Quick Tips To Repair Broken Finger Nails


Repair Broken Finger Nails

So you’re getting ready for a party and hey! your fingernail cracks unexpectedly! Other than blaming your calcium intake or your faulty genes, is there anything else you can do to fix things up? Well, you can follow these simple quick – fix tips to prop up a broken nail in no time and make it look gorgeous with some lovely colourful nail enamel. This ensures that your occasion is not ruined.

5 Quick Tips To Fix A Broken Nail:

1. Clear Tape To The Rescue:

Use a pair of scissors to cut a small piece of clear tape, a little bigger than the tear on your nail. Trim away excess tape. You could use the normal gift wrap tape or any other office tape that is transparent. These use mild adhesives. Avoid strong electrical tapes. Secure the broken nail piece in its original place. Cover the tear with this piece of tape. Use firm pressure to ensure that the tape covers the nail tear. Do not rub against the direction of the tear. This could cause the broken piece of nail to come off.

Clear Tape To The Rescue

2. Use Nail Glue:

Pick a drop of nail glue from a tube using a toothpick. Keep the broken piece of nail in its place. Spread the glue gently on the surface of the broken nail. This creates a thin coat of adhesive. Allow it to dry completely. In the absence of nail glue, use super glue. If using super glue, use a very tiny amount. Make sure that you do not touch the glue or the nail surface with your fingers. Note that you can skip superglue if your nail bed has been injured or the crack caused by the broken nail is too wide.

 Use Nail Glue

3. Tea Bag Patch Up:

Cut out a small piece of an unused tea bag at home. Tea bags are made of soft fibrous material that works well towards mending a broken nail. Place a drop of normal clear liquid glue on this piece of paper using a q-tip. Carefully place this paper over the broken nail using tweezers. Allow it to dry. Gently file the nail surface so that fibrous paper smoothens out a bit. Apply a coat of transparent nail polish over this. Once it dries, apply any other coloured nail polish to give it added strength and beauty.

Tea Bag Patch Up

4. Silk Wrap / Fibreglass Adhesive Tape Method:

Silk wraps and fibreglass adhesive tapes are often used to fix broken nails. Keep the broken nail in place. Cut a small piece of silk wrap. Apply it properly over the crack and the broken nail. Using a q-tip, apply nail glue over the silk wrap. Allow it to dry. In case of fibreglass adhesives tape, cut a small piece and paste it over the entire nail, covering the crack and the broken piece as well. This gives a lot of strength to the entire nail and prevents further breakage. Then, as usual, apply a coat of coloured nail polish over your nails to make them look great.

Silk Wrap / Fibreglass Adhesive Tape Method:

5. Shellac Nail Polish:

Shellac is a mix of nail polish and gel. You can use this to coat your nail after keeping the broken nail piece in its original position. This makes the nail extremely durable and prevents further breakage. Shellac nail polish needs UV nail lamp or an LED lamp for the curing process. After applying the first coat, place your hand under an LED lamp for 30 seconds to one minute. UV nail lamp takes a slightly longer time to cure. Apply another coat and repeat the process. This is good method to prevent chipping of nails as well.

Shellac Nail Polish

Please Note:

Once you mend you broken nail, ensure that you wear rubber gloves while washing dishes or cleaning things. Water and cleaning products can cause your mended nail to break again.


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