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5 Serious Side Effects Of Black Walnut

Side Effects Of Black Walnut

Black walnut has many health benefits. It is used in treating leukaemia, syphilis and diphtheria. It reduces soreness and pain. The black walnut contains tannin. The tannin is the reason of many side effects.

We Are Going To Discuss About 5 Side Effects Of Black Walnut:


People who have allergy with nuts and pecans should avoid black walnut. It has allergic reactions. The reactions include skin rashes, breathing trouble, irritation and stiffness in chest and throat. Be cautious when you will apply black walnut topically. Its chemical compound can create irritated, itchy skin. It may create red rashes, inflammation and pain. Just limit your application.

Allergy Reaction

Skin Cancer

According to few scientists the black walnut has a toxic chemical that could form malignant tumour on the skin if it applied daily. You should limit the usage of the black walnut. Many people use this nut on minor cuts and to cure eczema. It can create skin cancer. When you are applying black walnut just be careful.

skin cancer

Iron Shortage

Black Walnut obstructs to absorb iron. It contains phytates which strongly effect on the absorption of iron from the food. This component creates iron deficiency in the body. Hence, you should be careful about the usage of this walnut. If you love to eat this nut then resist yourself.

Iron Deficiency

Kidney And Liver Damage

Black walnut has many benefits. But if you eat it in huge quantity then it will harm your liver and kidney. The juglone component of black walnut is the cause of the damages. It also dehydrates the body. Never eat this when you have cough and fever. You can treat your cough by this nut but that will obstruct the absorption of the fever medication.

Kidney disease

Birth Defects

Black walnut can effect on the growth of the foetus. It also can harm the foetus and leads to miscarriage. Black walnut has a toxic chemical phytates that changes cellular level in the DNA and kills cells. This component can effect on the foetus and create birth defects. When you are pregnant just be aware of the usage of black walnut. It will be good if you can avoid it completely.

Avoids birth defects

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