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5 Serious Side Effects Of Chasteberry


Chaste berry is also called as vitex agnus-castus. This plant is grown in the Mediterranean region. These berries are small in size and look like peppercorns. Their colour is black and used in numerous forms such as pills, oil, powder, tea, raw essence and tinctures. Overconsumption of these berries can deteriorate your health. There are a few side effects of chaste berries.

In This Article We Are Going To Talk About Five Serious Side Effects Of Chaste Berry

Unexpected Weight Gain

Consumption of chaste berry can cause you sudden and unexpected weight gain even if you are eating small meals. It is high in calories and lead to fat gain in the body. So if you are overweight or going on a weight loss diet then you must completely avoid this food from your diet.

weight gain


Over consumption of chaste berry adversely affects your brain. It can cause one headache and dizziness too. To keep your brain in healthy condition one should eat these berries in adequate amounts. This pain can be mild to moderate. If the pain persists for a long time then one should consult a doctor.


Difficulty In Sleeping

It has been observed that people who are consuming higher than permissible amounts of chaste berries experiences with lack of sleep. They feel difficulty in sleeping which results in tiredness, fatigue and irritability during the day. If this problem continues for a long time then it may severely impact the overall working of the body organs and invite serious health issues.

Difficulty In Sleeping

Skin Rashes

Side effects of chaste berries are not just limited to internal body. It can also be easily seen on your external body i.e., your skin. Chaste berries can bring rashes on your skin and other allergic reactions.

Skin Rashes

Gastrointestinal Problems

This is one of the fundamental side effects of chaste berries. Excess of consumption of these berries can prove to be fatal for your digestive system and intestines. You would observe several types of gastro intestinal issues such as heartburn, hemorrhoids, indigestion or dyspepsia, rectal Problems, constipation, Irritable bowel syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, bloating in the body.


So these are some of the side effects of consumption of chaste berries in increased quantities. If you experience any such problem then immediately stop its intake and consult a good doctor.

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