5 Serious Side Effects Of Whey Protein


Protein is advised for the reason as it helps in building muscles of the body. It is specially required for people who indulge in sport activities or perform heavy strength training exercises on a regular basis. Though there are various types of protein available in the market, whey protein is a very popular protein supplement among all of them. You can see many of the sportsperson also include whey protein in their diet. There are ample benefits of this protein, but when consumed in large amounts can also lead to several unexpected side effects.

In This Article We Are Going To See About Five Of These Bad Effects Of Whey Protein

Weight And Fat Gain

Whey protein is responsible for weight and fat gain in the body. This protein has excess of carbohydrates which is present as sugars. Along with this, it also contains some other types of fats also. The weight one gets from this protein is not healthy for your health. So consume whey protein in moderate amounts otherwise it would adversely affect the work performance of a person especially athlete.

weight gain

Digestive Troubles

Whey protein contains lactose in it. If you are not able to tolerate its increased amount then it can give rise to certain digestion issues. Go for a concentrated version of whey protein that would contain less amounts of lactose and would save you from problems.



It has been observed that whey protein can trigger allergic reactions in many people. They may experience problems while breathing such as wheezing and other issues associated with the respiratory tract.



Whey protein when consumed in large amounts leads to vomiting. It changes the taste of your mouth and gives you an uncomfortable vomiting feeling. In certain cases people also suffers from nausea.



Excess of intake of whey protein is very detrimental for the body. Its excess amounts get deposited in the body as fat. This lowers the water content in the body and makes your body dehydrated. To save you from this, you should increase the intake of water and dietary fibre in your regular diet.


It is advised to consume whey protein after consultation from a good doctor. Make sure you consume it within moderate amounts to get desired benefits.

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