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5 Side Effects Of Licorice Root Extract

Side Effects Of Licorice Root Extract

Licorice is a tall and thin plant. The roots are brown from outside and yellowish from inside. This plant is very common in some area of Asia and Europe. Licorice root has been used in food and medicine for thousands of years. The medicine and the supplement of Licorice root are created from underground stems and root. It tastes sweeter than sugar. Licorice root efficiently treat bronchitis, sore throat, viral infections, cough, cold and eczema. Besides lots of benefits, this root also has few evil effects. If you use Licorice root for long years, side effects may affect you badly. Whenever you decide to use this plant for health benefits, just consult with your doctor.

Let’s Have A Look On The Side Effects Of Licorice Root:

High Blood Pressure

High consumption of the Licorice root provokes to increase high blood pressure. The Licorice contains glycyrrhizin that preserve the water and the salt in the body and reduce the potassium level of your body. This imbalance creates heart problems. Licorice root also decreases the effectiveness of blood pressure control medicine.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure


The glycyrrhizin can cause allergies like rashes, swelling, itching and mouth burning effect. If you face these kinds of allergies and can’t remember the cause, then stop using Licorice root. You should consult with a doctor about these allergic effects.

Allergy Reaction

Electrolyte Disorders

Licorice root has a purgative effect. Never use Licorice with any other kind of laxative. Otherwise, the jointly effect of purgative will lead to the extra electrolyte evacuation. That means serious deficiency of potassium level in the body. This situation can create heart attack, irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness and kidney damage.

Electrolyte Disorders

Eyes Problems

High doses of Licorice root can create blindness. Excessive amount of Licorice root may obstruct the central retinal vein that supplies blood in the eyes. You can face blindness due the blockage of central retinal vein.


Reproduction Issues

Research proved that Licorice root can reduce the levels of testosterone in male and estrogen and prolactin level in women. Whenever you feel you want a child, then stop having Licorice root from that moment. Pregnant women should avoid this root.


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