5 Simple Ways To Use Sesame Seeds For Knee Osteoarthritis

According to studies, sesame seeds are superior to the conventional pain relief medications in reducing osteoarthritis related knee pain. Osteoarthritis of the knee is a common problem in older adults. Wear and tear of cartilages cause swelling and pain in the knee joint. Degradation of the joint tissues is frequently attributed to depletion of calcium and zinc. Sesame seeds are rich sources of both these minerals. Furthermore, sesame seeds are loaded with copper, a trace mineral with anti-inflammatory property. Copper helps in reducing swelling and pain in the joints. Moreover, sesame seed also contains an active compound called sesamol, which is noted for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Hence, sesame seeds are an effective remedy for knee osteoarthritis.

Here Is How You Can Reduce Your Knee Pain With Sesame Seeds:

1. Ground Sesame Seeds

Grind four tablespoons of sesame seeds. Take the ground sesame seeds daily, once or twice a day. Although you can consume whole sesame seeds, but ground sesame seeds are easy to digest and hence treatment with ground sesame seeds works fast.

Ground Sesame Seeds

2. Sesame Seed with Orange Juice

To further boost the effectiveness of sesame seeds treatment for reducing osteoarthritis-related knee pain, take 40 grams of sesame seeds in a bowl and pour a cup of boiling water over the seeds. Soak the sesame seeds overnight. Next morning, put the sesame seeds in a blender and make a smooth paste. Eat the sesame seeds paste and then drink a glass of orange juice. Orange juice helps in fighting inflammation and pain.

Sesame Seed with Orange Juice

3. Sesame Seed Milk

This is a tasty remedy for your knee pain. Soak a cup of sesame seeds in two cups of water overnight. In the morning, place the soaked sesame seeds in a blender, add water and blend until you get a smooth paste. Pour the sesame seed paste on cheesecloth and squeeze to extract the milk. To further enhance the taste of the sesame seed milk, blend the strained sesame seed milk with two dates, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

Sesame Seed Milk

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4. Sesame Seed Butter

To treat knee pain you can also take two tablespoons of sesame seed butter or Tahini daily. Toast 16 ounces of sesame seeds, preferably unhulled seeds, on medium to low heat for about 20 minutes. Put the toasted seeds in a blender and add ¼-cup of olive oil. Blend until smooth.

Sesame Seed Butter

5. Sesame Seed Oil

Ayurvedic physicians recommend massaging the knees with warm sesame seed oil to reduce swelling and pain. As the anti-inflammatory components of sesame seeds are rapidly absorbed in the tissues, massaging with sesame seed oil helps in providing fast relief from pain.

Sesame Seed Oil

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