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5 Tips For Ganglion Cysts

When there is a formation of pea-sized lumps on finger, wrist and feet joints, the condition is known as ganglion cysts. The lumps have fluid inside them and they appear as round shaped sacs. Sometimes, the lump can become as big as one inch in diameter. It can occur on ankles and soles also. There is a lot of pain and tingling in the affected body parts. The person feels very uncomfortable. The area around the lump becomes numb and weak. Some cysts are firm and hard while some are soft and spongy. The main causes of formation of these cysts are joint irritation and wrist stress. Take help of easy remedies for healing the cysts. We will explain some remedies here. Use our tips and suggestions to get relief from this problem.

Following Are The Top 5 Remedies For Ganglion Cysts.

1. Use Antibiotic Lotion And Bandage

Avoid smashing or breaking the cyst with force. Do not puncture it with a pin. In case the cyst breaks naturally, you can use antibiotic lotion on the cyst. Wrap a bandage after applying the lotion for a faster healing.[1]

Use Antibiotic Lotion And Bandage

2. Do Joint Movements

If the doctor performs an aspiration procedure on the cyst, you should do joint movements after that. Joint movements help in a faster healing of the body part affected by ganglion cyst. So, keep moving the fingers and wrists after an aspiration of the cyst.[2]

Do Joint Movements

3. Use Frankincense Oil

Frankincense essential oil helps in healing the ganglion cysts that appear at the top of the skin on the surface. For this, you should apply the oil on affected parts over the cyst. Use undiluted oil. Just two drops of oil are enough for a single application. Do this remedy twice or thrice daily till the problem heals.[3]

 Use Frankincense Oil

4. Use A Splint

Using a splint helps in shrinking the cysts and healing them. For this, apply splint on the affected wrist or finger till the cyst heals in a natural way. Do not tie the splint very tight. Make the splint loose if there is pain and numbness.[4]

Use A Splint

5. Modify The Shoes

Making changes in the way you wear shoes can help in fighting pain caused by cysts that occur on lower limb parts like the ankles and feet. Change and modify the type of shoes you wear. Also, change the way you lace the shoes.[5]

Modify The Shoes

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