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5 Unexpected Side Effects Of Coriander Seeds

Unexpected Side Effects

Coriander is a plant whose seeds are widely used as medicine. They are used to cure digestive problems like loss of appetite and stomach upset. Other than that it is used for joint pains and toothaches. Coriander is also used by the pregnant women’s in order to increase their milk flow. Well coriander might lower your blood sugar level and help kill some parasites but unexpectedly might be dangerous too.

Given Here Are Some Of The Side Effects Of Coriander:

Breast Feeding And Pregnancy

There is not enough information on the fact about the safety on taking coriander by a pregnant or a breast feeding women. To be on the safe side you should avoid having coriander in your diet if you are pregnant.



Coriander helps in lowering the blood sugar level of the body. Well this is actually helpful in the in situation but sometimes might lead to low blood sugar level. Under these circumstances you need to track your blood sugar level very accurately.



People who are allergic to these conditions cannot have coriander. If you are allergenic to caraway, fennel, mugwort, dill or other similar plants.

Allergic Reactions

Low Blood Pressure

Coriander leads to lower the blood pressure of the body. If you are having low blood pressure then you need to have coriander cautiously and have some sort of medication for this condition.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure


We have already learnt the fact that coriander leads to low blood sugar. This might lead to come concern to that it might interfere with the blood sugar control while in a surgery. It is highly recommended that you should not have any coriander two weeks before the schedule of a surgery.


These are some of the major side effects of having coriander. Other than that if you have excess of coriander might cause liver problems and other allergic reactions like breathing difficulty and rashes. Prolonged and excessive use of coriander leads to throat dryness and throat tightening. It also leads you to be sun sensitive and increases the risks of having sunburns and skin cancer. Although coriander has several benefits also has some unexpected side effects which might be drastic.

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