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5 Unexpected Side Effects Of Kiwi Fruit

Unexpected Side Effects Of Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi is a very popular fruit that contains huge amounts of vitamin C. It has a bright green creamy pulp. Its tiny black seeds impart a special flair to various types of fruit salads. You get this fruit in all months of a year. The height of the plant is nearly three inches in length and has a weight of four ounces. The sweet taste of this fruit gives wide range of health benefits. People all over the world love this delicious fruit. When this fruit is consumed in large quantities then it leads to several side effects.

Here Are 5 Unexpected Side Effects Of Kiwi Fruit

Causes Allergic Reactions

With over consumption of kiwi one may develop a few types of allergic reactions in the body. So it is very essential to be very careful before consuming it. Some of these allergies are cross-sensitization, difficulty in swallowing, vomiting, nausea, fainting and diarrhea.


Leads To Skin Rashes And Swelling

Overeating of this tasty fruit causes swelling of mouth, lips and tongue, skin rashes, hives, breathing troubles such as asthma in a person. One may also suffer from irritation, tingling and itching sensation in mouth and Anaphylaxis too.

Skin Rashes

Problems In Breast Feeding And Pregnancy

Excess consumption of kiwi adversely affects the health of pregnant and lactating mothers. So it is advised that these people should limit or completely avoid its consumption.

Breast Feeding

Interacts With Certain Types Of Drugs

Consumption of this fruit has the tendency to react with specific types of drugs. This fruit possess antifungal properties that can prove to be addictive when eaten along with a few other antifungal medicines. This fruit increases the risk of bleeding, if consumed along with medicines like aspirin, anti-platelet medicines, heparin and non-steroidal based anti-inflammatory drugs.


Pancreatitis Issues

When you consume kiwi beyond a limit then it causes chronic pancreatitis. This delicious fruit has good amounts of potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and serotonin. The increased doses of these elements change the level of triglyceride in the blood and make the pancreas inefficient in the longer run.


So these are the side effects of kiwi. Keep them in your mind before consuming this delicious fruit.

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