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5 Unexpected Side Effects Of Sugar

Side Effects Of Sugar

Most of the people in the world love sweet food. Almost every person in the world love sweet food in some moments of their life. Passions for sweet is common among children and aged person. But sugar is harmful if you consume it in excessive quantity. It can create several health problems. It is necessary to limit your sugar consumption.

We Are Focusing On The 5 Side Effects Of Sugar:

Increase Fat

We know that sugar can make you fat. But it is not just a statement. Research proved that sugar consumption increase weight. When you eat sugary thing, extra sugar transformed into fat replacement in the body. Not every time the gene or food is guilty for overweight, sugar can also be the culprit. It is proved that excessive sugar consumption create extra fat in the body


Makes You Diabetic

If you want to control your blood sugar level or you want to get rid of diabetes then avoid extra sugar consumption. Extra sugar consumption increases the diabetes. In this situation pancreas can’t produce enough insulin. Extra sugar also creates metabolic dysfunction. Normally your body produces the stock of insulin which is capable to burn glucose for energy. Then it became type 2 diabetes with several health complications.

Anti Diabetic


Sugar is addictive like alcohol. You just need it more and more. In fact, it is an addiction which influences to release happy hormone dopamine from the brain. You know the evil effect of the sugar but you can’t leave it. It is as harmful as its addiction.

Eat Sugary Foods

Makes Your Brain Weak

Sugar can badly effect on your brain. Sugar is dangerous for mental development and brain function. Excessive sugar consumption can reduce your memory. It is very necessary to control your sugar eating habit for brain function and memory.

Can Hinder Brain Development

Increase Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are the most common health hazard in recent time. Excess sugar increases the risk of various heart diseases. It increases obesity and overweight which damages the heart and its function. Diabetes and high blood sugar level also the reason of heart illnesses. You should control yourself from consuming excess sugar.

abnormal Heartbeat

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