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5 Ways To Deal With Fever In Babies

Fever in babies is a sign of some other problem like an infection. The temperature becomes high when the body tries to fight infection. A baby may undergo a lot of discomfort and illness when there is a fever. There can be a problem of dehydration. Apart from giving medicine to the baby, it is also useful to take help of other remedies for decreasing the fever. It can help in providing comfort to the little one and bring down the body temperature. We will suggest some tips and remedies for fever in babies. Use the remedies given here if your baby has a fever.

Following Are Some Ways On How To Reduce Fever In Babies:

1. Take Temperature And Consult A Doctor

If your baby is less than four months of age, you should measure the temperature from the rectum. Measuring temperature from armpit is another option. Consult a pediatrician in case the temperature is more than ninety-nine degrees Fahrenheit.

Take Temperature And Consult A Doctor

2. Take Rest And Remove The Clothes

Sometimes, babies develop fever in reaction to vaccines or immunization. For this, ensure that the baby rests and gets a lot of sleep. Remove the baby’s clothes and let them be in underwear only. Wrap the baby in a cool sheet to cover the body.

Take Rest And Remove The Clothes

3. Tepid Water Sponging

Tepid water sponging helps in bringing down the fever in babies. Take lukewarm water and dip a towel in it. Squeeze the towel to remove excess water. Wipe the body of your baby with this towel. Do this about half an hour after you give a fever medicine like paracetamol to your little one. Avoid using cold water for sponging the baby as it can increase the temperature.

Tepid Water Sponging


4. Drink Fluids

Dehydration is a common problem due to fever in babies. Keep your baby hydrated by giving him or her enough fluids. Give water to the baby to hydrate the body. You can give other liquids like fruit juice.

Drink Fluids

5. Give Medicines

Apart from the above remedies, you should also use medicines for reducing fever in babies. Liquid acetaminophen can be given to babies who are more than eight weeks of age. You can give liquid paracetamol to babies who are more than three months of age. Avoid using aspirin for babies, as it can be harmful. Avoid using ibuprofen for babies less than six months of age.

give medicines


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