5 Ways To Use Licorice For Tooth Decay

Ways To Use Licorice For Tooth Decay

Licorice is a great herb that is known for preventing many kinds of tooth problems along with gum decay. It is a perennial herb that comes from the legume family and is edible in its raw form. It is a very sweet herb but it can be used in its root forms to extract and make paste or even mouthwash for you. Licorice contains natural enzymes and ingredients that not only fights tooth decay but also heals.

Here Are Five Ways To Use Licorice For Tooth Decay:

1. Clove And Licorice Mouthwash

For making this remedy, mix together one cup of oil, some licorice roots and grounded clove. Bring it to a good boil. When done, strain the same and then use as a mouthwash as needed. The clove along with licorice fights tooth problems along with maintaining good oral health.

Clove And Licorice Mouthwash

2. Licorice Tooth Powder

Take 1 tablespoon of finely ground sea salt. You will also need 2-3 egg shells as they are very rich in proteins and calcium, which is essential for the teeth. Along with this, you also need some finely grounded basil, and half spoon each of Indian Lilac leaves and baking powder. You can boil the egg shells for about 10 minutes. This helps in killing the pathogens. Then air dry or sun dry the same Make them into a powder then use as a tooth powder. It lasts much longer than a toothpaste and you can simply use your fingers to clean your teeth.

Licorice Tooth Powder

3. Peppermint And Licorice Paste

For making this paste, you need 2 tablespoons of bentonite clay, 1 spoon of baking powder, one spoon of sea salt and some dried and powdered sage leaves. Mix together all of the dry ingredients. Now using a spoon add some peppermint oil to this and then mix well. You can keep the paste in a plastic container. The clay adds strength, peppermint gets rid of bad breath while licorice prevents and treats decay.

Peppermint And Licorice Paste

4. Sage And Licorice Powder

For making this tooth powder, you will need 3 spoons of sea salt, one spoon of dried sage leaves and some licorice root powder. Mix together all of the ingredients well. When using, add a little water to make a fine paste and apply on teeth with toothbrush or your fingers.

Sage And Licorice Powder

5. Licorice Tea Gel

For making this, you need to boil some licorice leaves along with the roots in about 2-3 cups of water. Once the water is boiled, you can take it out and add about 2 spoons of agar agar to it. Add clove oil or peppermint oil for added benefits. Once cooled and jelly-like, you can use this as a gel paste.

Licorice Tea Gel

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