5 Wonderful Benefits Of Performing Lion Pose


Benefits Of Performing Lion Pose

Lion pose or Simhasana is so called because this exceptional yoga posture resembles a roaring lion. This sitting pose is an excellent yoga posture which can be practiced by people of all ages. To achieve this pose, kneel comfortably on the floor.  Spread your knees shoulder width apart. Now cross your right ankle over your left one. Place your hands on your knees. Lift your chest up. Open your mouth wide. Stretch your tongue out and look up at the ceiling. Breathe deeply and imitate the roar of a lion. This awesome pose offers a plethora of health benefits which includes relieving stress and anxiety, combating the problem of halitosis and easing respiratory ailments. Read on to get an in depth insight into the exception benefits of the lion pose.

Here are 5 Truly Wonderful Benefits of Performing Lion Pose

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

This is an awesome pose to relieve deep seated stress and anxiety. This relatively easy pose is specifically designed to ease muscular tension in the chest. This in turn brings about a sense of calmness, acceptance and relief. Breathing slowing and deeply through the mouth, which is crucial part of this posture, also helps eliminate undue anxiety. People who are diagnosed with anxiety issues can practice this pose several times a day.

Combats Anxiety

Eases Respiratory Ailments

This is one of the best yoga poses for individuals who suffer from chronic respiratory ailments. This pose relieves sore throat and upper respiratory tract congestion. The lion pose also benefits people who are diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and asthma. The ability of this pose to treat respiratory ailments has been attributes to the slow and deep breath work which accompanies this pose.

Improves Respiration

Tightens Facial and Neck Muscles

Platysma muscles are a broad band of superficial muscles which covers the face, neck and part of the chest. Stimulating and tightening this muscle group by practicing the lion pose helps to get rid of double chin, by preventing the accumulation of fat deposits in this area. Practising this particular yoga pose also prevents the neck muscles from sagging as an indivdual grows older .

Sore Muscles

Combats Bad Breath

This is an excellent yoga pose for people who suffer from halitosis. This extremely powerful and therapeutic pose has a potent influence on the ear nose and throat region. This posture helps to treat infection in the ENT region (one of the primary causes for bad breath). Breathing deeply with the mouth half open and the tongue sticking out (which is practiced in this pose) also helps to eradicate foul smelling breath.

Cure Bad Breath

Boosts Eye Health

To prevent age related macular degeneration you should practice this pose as often as possible. This particular pose boosts eye health by keeping the network of optical nerves which surrounds the eye balls healthy. Practicing the lion pose diligently also helps to remove undue eye stain thereby enabling a person to have perfect vision.

Healthy Eyes


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