5 Yoga Poses For Your Beauty

5 Yoga Poses For Your Beauty

Yoga has several poses for general health and fitness and also specifically addresses several beauty concerns. Regular practice of such beauty postures helps in getting glowing skin, freshness and takes care naturally. Beauty postures help in achieving good skin, hair and even nails. Check out some of the best yoga postures which a direct association of how they make you look beautiful.

How Yoga Helps You Look Beautiful:

Fish Pose

An excellent posture which will bring a change in your complexion, if practiced on a regular basis. For this pose, you need to start by lying down comfortably on the back. Your arms shall be by your sides. Keep your palms facing downwards. Your buttocks shall be on floor. You will then start pressing your forearms and hands to the floor as you start lifting up your torso from the mat. Your back will get an arch and your neck shall slowly tilt a bit back and go towards floor. You will rest your head on mat if you are able to. You should try and remain in this position for at least 5-6 breaths. Stretch this to 1 minute as you get used to it.

fish pose 2

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are the way to get glowing and fresh skin. It is about controlled breathing through different counts. This breathing exercise rejuvenates the mind and helps in removing stress and anxiety. Start by sitting on floor, keeping your legs crossed. Keep your eyes shut. Breathe normally and relax for a minute. Now, start breathing in deeply from your nostrils as you count 10. Again hold your breath and count till 10. You will count another 10 as you release your breath. You need to do this breathing exercise for at least 10 minutes everyday. This will help in releasing stress and will keep your mind in control.

Breathing Exercises

Head stand

There are several benefits of headstand posture. It offers a complete facelift, it helps in reducing skin  hang, slows down aging , helps in free flow of oxygen to the face, helps in circulation of blood and nutrients Рwhich all add to your glow. For this posture, you will have to be on your knees. Sit on the middle of the mat. Keep your fingers interlaced. Your forearms shall be on floor. They should be at least two feet ahead near your knees. Your elbows should be a bit distant from one another. Keep your head on mat so that the back of the head is well pressed in the palms. You should straighten the legs and again tuck the toes in. Take a step to the elbows. You need to inhale when you no longer can take your feet close. Your feet shall be lifted from mat which will balance your knees tucked in. You will slowly straighten the legs above your head. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds which can increase to 5 minutes later on.

yogic head stand

Bow Pose

Bow pose improves circulation, helps in removing toxins from the body and is beneficial for the skin. This is pose, the body take the shape of a bow. Start by lying down on the floor on your belly. Keep your hands beside you. Your palms shall face up. Now, you can bend the knees and bring your heels towards your buttock. You will then take the hands backwards and again grasp the ankles. Your body weight shall rest on the abdomen. You can pull the ankles a bit more if you can. While you try to pull the ankles more, you will notice your upper torso rising automatically. Your body will take the shape of a bow. Your breathing should be normal. Stay in this position for at least 10 breaths to start with.

Bow Pose

Plow Pose

This pose offers great rejuvenation to the body and reduces stress and anxiety. Stress and tension is often reflected in the form of under eye dark circles, dull skin and early onset of wrinkles. Regular practice of Plow pose helps the body cope with anxiety and stress and enhances the beauty of the individual. Start by lying on back. Palms will face downwards and arms shall be by sides. With every inhale, you will use your abdominal muscles to lift up from the floor. Your legs will rise vertically. You need to breathe continually. You should support your back and hips with hands. You can lift them from ground. Your legs shall go in a 180 degree angle above the head till your toes reach the floor. All this while your back shall be in a perpendicular position. You need to do this posture slowly without jerking the body. This pose needs a bit of practice, but it is extremely beneficial.


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