6 Amazing Yoga Poses For Healing Your Body And Mind With Their Health Benefits


Yoga Poses

Yoga asanas are basically a series or collection of free hand exercises which involves almost all the body parts. It provides excellent benefit for your body which cures the minor health problems in an easy way. Yoga poses not only works on your body but also works on your mind too. It helps you to stay stress free in a very healthy way. In this particular topic I am sharing some amazing poses which helps in healing your body and mind. These poses are very simple to do so that any body can easily perform them without the help of instructor. So, try this yoga poses in your home by following the step by step instructions. Stay healthy with Yoga poses.

Here Are The 6 Amazing Yoga Poses For Healing Your Body And Mind:

Lotus Pose For Higher Concentration Power:

This is a very easy pose to do thus every body can do this pose with an ease. First sit on the floor keeping your spine straight and erect with the ground. Then fold your legs and keep them together. Now stretch both of your hands and rest the hands on your knees. Relax and exhale and inhale repeatedly. Hold this pose for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the pose once again for the same time. This particular pose calms your mind and relaxes your mind. Regular performance of this pose effectively reduces the problem of any type of joint pains and Arthritis. It is very much beneficial for increasing concentration power.

Lotus Pose For Higher Concentration Power

Wind Relieving Pose For A Healthy Digestive System:

Wind Relieving Pose is a great pose to do which has lots of health benefits for you. It aids you in digestion and constipation problems. Usually it is done after dinner and helps you in digestion. First lay straight on the floor keeping your face upward. Stretch both of your legs and keep your hands beside your body. Now slowly uplift your right leg and hold it both of your hands. Try to uplift your head from the floor and touch your head with your right knee. Now release this leg and perform the same action with your left leg. Hold the pose for 10-15 seconds. It is actually good for the seniors as it helps them removing the joint pains from their body. It effectively removes intestinal gas and also good for curing back pain.

Wind Relieving Pose For A Healthy Digestive System

Easy Pose For Peaceful Mind:

To perform easy pose first sit on the ground keeping your spine erect on the ground stretching both of your legs. Now fold your legs as you have done in lotus pose. Now stretch both your hands and rest them on your knees. Relax your body and exhale and inhale properly during the pose. Hold the pose for 15-20 seconds. This pose helps you to become stress free.

Easy Pose For Peaceful Mind

Half Moon Pose For Strong Legs:

Half Moon Pose is another important standing pose which actually strengthens the lower part of your body. It provides strength to your legs and keeps them strong. To perform this pose stand on your feet and slowly bend your body. Now try to touch the ground with your right hand and firmly place the palm on the ground. Now slowly raise the left leg from the floor and keep it parallel to the ground. Balance your body putting the weight on your right hand and right leg. Hold the pose for 10 seconds and repeat. End up with corpse pose.

Half Moon Pose For Strong Legs

Get Flexible Body With Cobra Pose:

Cobra pose is another popular gentle yoga pose. It needs a little effort of you. To perform this pose first lay straight on the floor keeping your face downward to the floor. Leave your hands beside your body. Then slowly try to uplift your upper body part from the ground. Firmly place your palms on the ground and fold your arms at your elbows. It will help you to carry the weight and balance of your upper body part. Try to keep the upper part of your body upright balancing your body on your hands. Hold the pose for 10-15 seconds. Take a break of 5 seconds and then repeat it to do the pose. Cobra pose is very much beneficial for your body. It increases the flexibility of your body especially the lower back area.

Cobra Pose

Relax With Corpse Pose:

Corpse pose is basically a relaxing pose for both body and mind. First lay straight on the floor stretching your legs and keeping both of your hands beside your body. Fold your eyes and breathe properly. Perform this pose during the interval of other poses to relax your body. Hold this pose for 15-20 seconds. It actually helps you in relaxing your body and mind.

Corpse Pose


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