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6 Best Ways To Cure Bunions


6 Best Ways To Cure Bunions

Bunions are tiny protrusions that present near the big toe of the foot and it causes the toe to slightly bend with a slant towards the next two and sometimes overlaps. The bunion affects the front of the foot as the big bone gets affected by means of slanting and causes deadly pain during the crusade. This gets worst when there is an appearance of a bump near the foot that gets clear noticeable. The symptom includes red callused skin on the big toe, ingrown toenail, sores between the toe and restricted movement. The precaution suggests not to wear the shoe that pinches your toes together and to keep relaxed your toe muscle. The regular usage of bunion pad also helps in preventing the bunions. Lots of promising home remedies, exercise and herbal treatment can cure this with a guarantee. They are discussed briefly below.

1. Use Epsom Salt Water

The patient should keep his/her toe in the Epsom salted warm water for more than 15 minutes to get relaxed on a daily manner. The warm water by the process of osmosis reduces the pain and the patient gets more relaxed movement. On the other hand it reduces all the joint related stiffness and muscular odors of a bunion.


2. Use Tea

Tea bags are utilized along with the tree oil to prevent swelling. These bags are steeped in hot water and then it is cooled and placed on the swollen areas for 10 minutes. The tannic acid present within it helps the patient to find less difficulty in movement. The tea tree oil has anti-biotic as well as anti-fungal properties. This property is quite helpful when it is diluted with water and used as a pain reducer.

 Use Tea


3. Use Chamomile

The soothing quality makes this dietary familiar with the pain of bunions. This is a quite powerful anti-inflammatory popular in households during the pain and used as a pain balm for great relief. This is used as tea bags and the tea should be drunk regularly for better results. On the contrary the dried chamomile is mixed with water to form a paste which should be applied to the bunion surfaces when the patient has difficulties in moving.


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4. Use Arnica and Calendula

The anti-inflammatory properties reduce the pain and swelling areas of the toe. These can be used as an ointment or as a tincture or as oil. The patient should use it at least 2 to 3 times a day. This herbal oil is applied to painful areas during the aches to reduce the inflammation of the affected areas.

Arnica and Calendula


5. Use Hot Spies

The heat from the spies is quite helpful in turning up the heat of the bunions. In this case red pepper and turmeric is highly recommended. Hot pepper contains capsaicin that can be particularly useful for bunions and the turmeric is a natural pain blocking as well as an anti-swelling agent. As per research it has been found that a regular intake of 400 mg of these spies is quite helpful for bunions related problems.

Hot Spies


6. Use Coconut Oil

It is considered as one of the important ingredients for the treatment of the bunions. The person needs to heat few amounts of coconut oil and should massage it softly on the bunions (while they are at their growing stage) till the oil soak into the skin. This procedure is to be performed for 3 to 4 times a day to get relief from pain. These are the list of some home remedies that optimizes the bunions related issues and helps you stay healthy for a long time. Changing lifestyle and regular strict diet should be considered as a key factor to eradicate bunions.

Coconut Oil



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