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6 Best Ways To Cure Itching


Every one of us would scratch our body at times. Itching makes us to scratch the particular area and it provide a temporary relief, yet, it can lead to some infection on the skin. Before making any kind of itching problem turn into a serious one, follow the below mentioned home remedies to get relieved from itching problems.

Best Ways To Cure Itching

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is the best home remedy that can be used to treat any kind of itches in a human skin. The baking soda has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties in them that can solve the itching problems in any part of your body. Take a cup of baking soda and mix it with cold water. Soak the part that has the itching on them for about thirty minutes. You can also make use of cornstarch to mix with cold water. Soaking the itchy part in this solution can get rid of the itching sensation of your body. You can also make a paste by mixing baking soda with water. Apply the mixture in and around the areas that are itchy and you can later on wash it off using cold water. Apply the paste in the infected areas can absorb the bacteria that are responsible for an itchy skin.

Baking Soda

Using Oatmeal

Oatmeal helps in relieving from any kind of itching that happens in a human skin. You can combine oatmeal with water to turn it into a paste. Apply this paste on the areas that have irritation and itchy sensation. Let the past remain on the skin for more than thirty minutes of time. Later on, wipe it off with a clean cloth and you will never find an itchy sensation in the infected areas.


Using Lemon

Lemon is yet another home remedy that can act against any kind of itches that can happen in a human body. It contains the acetic and citric acids that can act as an antiseptic to protect the skin from any kind of itches. Squeeze the lemon juice all over the area that has the itchy sensation. Let the juices of lemon get dry on your skin. You can wipe the lemon juice using a cloth. Repeat this procedure unless you get completely cured from the itches.


Using Cloves and Juniper Berries

The anti-inflammatory effects from juniper berries can help in getting a quick relief from any kind of itching problem. The cloves have eugenol in them that can reduce the itching completely. Mixing the juniper berries with the cloves can create the best home remedy for an itchy skin. Take six tablespoons of unsalted butter and add two tablespoons of bee wax on them. When it gets melted, add five tablespoons of juniper berries and three tablespoons of cloves. Stir them until it turns into a paste. Apply this all over the infected areas to get rid of the itchy sensation.

Cloves and Juniper Berries

Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is widely known as a skin soother and it has antibacterial and antifungal properties in them that can act against the itching sensation in a human body. It also contains Vitamin E that can help in reducing the itching sensation. You can cut an aloe Vera leaf and slice it to pieces. When you slice the aloe Vera, you would get a gel out of it. Apply this gel all over the areas that have itching sensations on them. The aloe Vera gel can get rid of the bacteria and reduces the itching sensation.

Aloe Vera

Using Basil Leaves

Basil leaves works as a good anesthetic. Boil the leaves and let the solution stay cool before applying them on the infected areas. Take a cotton ball and use it to apply the solution all over the areas that have itching problems in them. Basil leaves can help in providing a quick relief from any kind of itching sensation.

Basil Leaves

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