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6 Best Ways To Cure Water Retention

Best Ways To Cure Water Retention

Water retention is one of the most serious types of problem that is caused when the lymph system of the human body don’t release water in a timely manner. In this case, it forms excess fluid buildup inside the tissue cell which causes lots of irritation, bloating, and swelling. This problem is also called as edema, and can be found in many of the human bodies. The most common areas where this problem is found are ankles, feet, and legs. This problem can be easily cured through healthy lifestyle and exercises. Moreover, there are many simple treatment methods that are available for people suffering from this problem. The sure methods to cure water retention are mentioned as below.

Best Ways To Cure Water Retention

Follow a Healthy Diet

One of the natural and effective ways to cure this medical problem is dietary change. People suffering from this problem are required to avoid the intake of sodium in their food, as it is one of the major factors that cause this problem. You can include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits that are always good for your health. It is necessary to control the intake of salt. However it is not required to completely stop it. You can buy food that is labeled as low sodium food.

It is necessary to avoid foods like bacon, canned soups, olives, ham, and salted crackers. Eat lots of bananas, cabbage, and others are they have ingredients that will help you to get rid of the excess fluid. Tomato is another thing that you must include in your diet a lot, as they can take off the excess water from the kidney. Herbal tea and lot of fresh water is another thing that will help you in overcoming this problem.

Healthy Diet

Regular Exercise

People suffering from this medical problem are recommended to indulge into some sort of exercise, which will keep them healthy and active. Walking, running, swimming, cycling, and others are quite helpful in overcoming this problem in a timely manner. With excessive sweating, the blood vessels get dilated, which then helps in throwing the fluid out of the body. It is recommended to drink lots of fluids as it will help you in accomplishing the task faster and effectively.

Regular Exercise Reduce Water Retention

Cranberry Juice

Until now, you might have known Cranberry juice to be one of the most refreshing drinks. You will be amazed to know that this drink is good for throwing the excessive water away from your body. It is rich in antioxidant factors, which is quite necessary to remain fit and fine. This juice will help in reducing the swelling, which is mainly caused due to the water retention problem. It is recommended to drink at least 2 glasses of cranberry juice every day.

Cranberry Juice Reduce Water Retention


Treat yourself to bananas when water retention is making you feel like a balloon. They have high amount of potassium and are mighty helpful in eliminating fluids from the body. Just in case you are not much of a banana lover, replace it with raisins.

Bananas Helps To Reduce Water Retention

Lemon Water

Lemon is quite rich in Vitamin and minerals. Also it has lots of anti-bacterial factors that are a must for curing this problem. As it is easily available in the market, you can prepare fresh juice almost every day and drink it.

Lemon Water Reduce Water Retention

Natural Diuretics

The use of natural diuretic is of good use when suffering from water retention. Cabbage is a diuretic that can be added to your regular salad or sandwiches. Cranberry juice as mentioned above is very useful also due to it being a diuretic. Drink it straight from the jar you bought it in.

Natural Diuretics Reduce Water Retention

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