6 Best Yoga Postures For Seniors


Yoga for seniors

Practicing yoga helps one stay fit and flexible. It balances energy and improves strength. It makes your mind calm and helps beat stress. With improving posture and achieving proper balance through yoga, senior people can protect themselves from the risk of falls and prevent injuries. Given below are a few yoga postures very much suitable for senior citizens. These postures help them stay active and refreshed throughout the day.

Yoga For Seniors

Tree Pose

Stand straight with hands along the sides of the body. Lift your right foot from the ground and position it such that the toes are touching the ground and heel is touching the inside ankle of the left leg. Lift your hands above your head and join the palms to form Namaste pose. Hold this position for 20 seconds and repeat the same posture using your left foot.

Tree Pose

Mountain Pose

Stand upright with feet parallel to each other and slightly apart. The big toes should be touching each other and spread the other toes wide enough increasing the surface area. Using your thigh muscles, lift your knees and extend your tail bone downwards. Push your shoulders backwards and draw your lower ribs inwards. Widen your collar bones and widen your chest. Position your arms on the sides of your body with palms facing forward. Stare forward and lift your heels up by balancing the body on your toes. Stretch the entire body and return to original position. You can also interlock your fingers and raise your arms straight above your head.

mountain pose

Leg Up The Wall

Lie on your back and start walking up the wall using your legs. Position your back close to the wall. The legs should be placed straight and parallel to the wall. Use a pillow to support your lower back or place your hands on your hips for balance.

Legs Up On Wall

Warrior 2

Stand straight with feet apart. Feet should be placed a leg distance apart. Place your right foot at 90 degrees and turn your torso towards your right. Bend your right knee to form a squares shape and stretch your arms parallel to the ground at shoulder level. Ensure your left leg is stretched and straight to hold the position. Look straight and stay in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat the same with your left leg.

Warriors II pose

Cat Pose

Position yourself on your fours to form the table pose. Your hands should be positioned under your shoulders and knees should be wide apart. Stare forward. Lift your chin and bend your head backwards. Lift your tail bone and tighten your buttocks. Breathe deeply and bring your head down towards your chest. Relax your back and arch your back. Stay in this position for some time and return to the original position.

Cat Pose

Relaxation Pose

Lie on your back on the floor and place the arms on the sides of the body with palms facing upwards. Legs should be positioned straight, slightly apart with feet turned outwards. Position your body comfortably and close your eyes. Relax and concentrate on your breathing. Stay in this position for 10 minutes.

Ensures Intense Relaxation


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