6 Brilliant Yoga Poses To Stay Energetic Around A Day


All of us want to stay fit. But to stay fit we need to perform some physical activities daily. Do you know that yoga poses plays an excellent role to keep you fit? Actually yoga poses are best free hand exercises which contain numerous health benefits for you. Here are some superb yoga poses which can help you to keep fit if you perform them daily. In this article I am sharing some common and easy yoga poses that keeps you healthy.

6 Brilliant Yoga Poses To Stay Energetic Around A Day

Lotus Pose:

Lotus Pose are mainly beneficial for them those who are suffering from arthritis or any kind of joint pain. Lotus pose is also very helpful to calm your disturbed mind to make it peaceful. So, how you can does lotus pose? First you sit on the floor keeping your spine perpendicular with the floor. Then fold your legs at your knees and keep them together. Stretch both of your hands and keep them on your knees. Now take deep breath in and out. Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds and then release it.

Lotus Pose

Bow Pose:

Bow pose is another most important yoga pose which is beneficial for you. It helps you to keep your body flexible and also cuts down extra fat from your body. First lie on the floor keeping your face towards the floor. Slowly try to uplift your upper and lower body part simultaneously. Uplift both of your legs keeping them together and be careful that your knees must not bend at the knees. Now stretch both of your hands in backward direction and hold both of your feet. Relax and breathe easily holding the pose for near about 15 seconds.

Bow Pose

Tree Pose:

First stand on both of your feet like you do in mountain pose and keep both of your hands beside your body. Now keep breathing normally and uplift your left leg from the floor. Put your left feet in the groin area of your right leg in such a way thus the toe of your left leg points downward. Now raise your arms and take them together to join both palms to make a prayer pose. Now uplift both of your hands keeping the prayer position and hold the pose for 10-15 seconds. Completely breathe in and out while maintaining the body balance look in font. Try to concentrate your mind while doing the pose. This pose improves the muscles and hamstrings of your legs. Also improves your concentration power and body balance.

Tree Pose

Plough Pose:

Try to perform plough pose to keep fit with an ease. Plough pose is very much beneficial for physical problems like frozen shoulder, stiff neck, irregular periods etc. It is also very beneficial for reducing belly fat in an efficient manner. First lie on the floor resting your back on the ground and keep your hands beside your body facing your palms towards the ground. Now slowly uplift both of your legs from the floor and try to touch the floor opposite side of your head. Keep in mind that both of your feet must stay together and your palms must firmly lie on the ground. Keep breathing in and out. Keep the pose for 10-12 seconds and release it to perform the pose again.

Plough Pose

Hand To Feet Pose:

Hand to Feet Pose is one of the basic standing yoga poses and helpful for you to stay fit. To perform this pose follows the steps. First stand on your feet keeping your feet together and keep your spine straight. Now slowly bend your body in forward direction. But be careful that your leg must not bend at your knees. Stretch your hands in forward direction so that you can touch your feet. Touch your feet with your palms. Hold this pose for 10-12 seconds with regular breathing and then release the pose. This pose is helpful for reducing the excess fat from your belly and also increases the flexibility of your body.

Hand To Feet Pose

Camel Pose:

Camel Pose is an ideal pose to stretch your body and also good for your back muscles. Regular performance of this pose helps to keep you fit for long time. To do this particular pose sits on your knees on the ground stretching your legs behind your body. Now slowly bend your body in backward direction and also stretch both of your arms. Now try to hold your ankles with your both hands. Keep your head downward and try to look in downward direction. Keep in mind that your body must make a smooth arch while performing this pose. Keep breathing normally and hold the pose for 15-20 seconds and then release.



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